Puertito de los Molinos - A well kept secret in Fuerteventura

Somewhere on the west coast, down south from Cotillo and close to Tefia, lies the small village of Puertito de los Molinos, or El Puertito as some call it.

With less than 20 permanent residents, Puertito de los Molinos is often overlooked by tourists coming to Fuerteventura. But if you would like to discover one of the hidden gems on the island, a remote, yet charmful place, then I advice you to make the trip here.

How to get to Puertito de los Molinos

If you are coming from the north, then you should follow FV-207, the road towards Betancuria. When you reach the village of Tefia, you turn into the FV-221 and follow the road until it leads you to your destination.

Be warned! In 2016, on our last visit to this place, we had no cell phone signal, but it may depend on your operator.

The beach at Puertito de los Molinos

When you get here you will see a small car park right next to the beach, a few houses and some ducks on the small pond.

The place is usually quite and there aren't many tourists, but it depends on the season.

The color of the sand differs from summer to winter, but if you come during the summer months, then you will enjoy a fine white sand, with clear turquoise waters, depending on how the sun is shining that day.

Beware that the ocean here is pretty dangerous and swimming is not usually advised, as the currents are strong. Again, this depends on the day and season and also on the tide, so be careful when going into the water.

The beach has no amenities, so this means no sun beds, umbrellas, showers or anything else. This also means that it's quiet, mostly empty and ideal for a few hours of relaxation.

Los Molinos Beach Fuerteventura
The beach on a sunny day in September

A natural pool, hidden behind the rocks

During our exploration here we discovered a natural pool, that we were able to access through the right side of the beach.

We got into the water, went around some rocks, climbed another set of rocks and 1 minute later...there it was: our own private pool!

And this leads me to my most important advice for visiting Puertito los Molinos:

Plan your visit here during low tide

This piece of advice may seem odd at first, but believe me it is of the utmost importance. 

There are two things that make this place special and both of them can only be accessed during low tide.

The natural pool is one of them and you have to plan your time there carefully in order to be able to return to the beach.

Natural Pool Fuerteventura
One of the natural pools in Fuerteventura is right here, in Puertito los Molinos

Cuevas de los Molinos or the Caves at Puertito de los Molinos

I said there are two reasons to keep in mind the ocean tide when coming here.

This village hides one of the most special and unique experiences in Fuerteventura: the caves that can only be accessed when the tide is low.

Be very careful, as the low tide varies and you should only attempt to cross the ocean towards the caves on those days when the tide is at it's lowest point.

Let me explain.

One day the low tide is at 0,34 m and a few days later it can be at 0,84 m. That's a huge difference, it means that in the first case the water will barely reach your knee and in the second case it will almost reach your hip. So you should only attempt to get to the caves in the first case.

We visited the caves at Los Molinos in September and we planned our trip on a day when the low tide was 0,34 m and at a reasonable hour, around 9 or 10 in the morning.

At this point the water is shallow enough to allow you to cross towards these caves, situated on the left side of the beach.

Puertito los Molinos - Fuerteventura
The view from the caves - you can see the distance you have to cross between the beach and the caves
Puertito los Molinos Caves
Another view from the caves, this time towards the ocean
Fuerteventura Los Molinos Caves
Simply amazing


From the caves you will have the most spectacular view of the ocean and of the village of Puertito de los Molinos.

Take your time to explore, as this a unique experience, one that no tour company has on offer.

We recommend to make the journey back to the beach in maximum 60 minutes from the time when the tide was at it's lowest point, before the ocean starts to rise.

During our several visits there we did not see any families with children making the crossing towards the caves and we wouldn't recommend you try it.

After you get back to the beach you can spend your time relaxing or swimming in the natural pool. The caves should be your first visit and then the natural pool, as this one is less dangerous to get to.

If you get hungry, Puertito has not one, but two restaurants where you can have lunch. One of them, Casa Pon, is a typical spanish restaurant and it opens at around lunch time. The other one, where we had lunch, is a different story and one that deserves its own article.


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