The Canary Islands want to become "the office with the best climate in the world"

canary islands office with best climate in the world for remote work
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is our favourite city in the Canaries for remote work

Turismo de Canarias has announced a strategy according to which they plan to promote the islands as 'the office with the best climate in the world'. These will be developed throughout this year to attract remote workers from around the world they will have a budget of 500,000 euros to promote the destinations in this sense.

Turismo de Canarias has launched the strategy to attract 'remote workers' and digital nomads from all over the world. Under the communicative concept of positioning the Archipelago as 'the office with the best climate in the world', the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands, aims to attract 30,000 teleworkers in five years.

The strategy will focus on three main lines of action:

  • generating a culture of remote work among the Canarian tourism sector since it is a new customer segment for companies;
  • encourage international companies to choose the Islands for their employees to work remotely, offering the Archipelago as the ideal destination for relocation;
  • attracting remote workers by promoting the brand values ​​that interest them.

Yaiza Castilla stressed that the Canary Islands cannot miss the opportunity to also be a leader in this booming tourist segment, with a growth rate that has gone from 30% to 65%. "Attracting 'remote workers' will enrich the structure of the Canarian tourism model and will be an opportunity to rejuvenate the destination and refresh the brand, in addition to attracting highly qualified professionals," explained the counselor, who recalled that remote workers "spend more time and money in a destination, which will impact directly the entire Canarian economy ”.

Presentation of the promotional strategy

Castilla insisted that the Islands meet the characteristics that teleworkers seek:

  • favorable weather conditions throughout the year;
  • high-quality broadband;
  • coworking and coliving spaces;
  • time and work compatibility;
  • lower cost of living and single currency;
  • extraordinary nature and diversity of islands, landscapes and activities;
  • personal and legal security; and reduced taxation, among others.


The 2021 campaign    

The director of Marketing Communication Projects of Promotur Turismo de Islas Canarias, Alberto Ávila, was in charge of presenting the different actions that will be carried out this year to “position the Canary Islands as the perfect destination to enjoy while teleworking since it offers everything that is necessary for an unforgettable experience ”.

In addition to having unique landscapes and beaches with the best climate in the world, the Archipelago offers "numerous activities typical of a leading tourist destination governed by European standards and with excellent air connectivity," Avila explained.

The promotional actions will be aimed at remote workers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and a survey will also be carried out in the United States.

One of the objectives of the strategy is also to reach an agreement with powerful technology multinational companies, to convince them to promote the Canary Islands as the place for teleworking among their employees.

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