5 Best Natural Pools in Gran Canaria

best natural pools gran canaria spain
Take a dip into one of the many natural swimming pools in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is truly a paradise on Earth and of the best places to spend a magical beach holiday in the Canary Islands. We highly recommend to anyone visiting the island to venture outside the hotels and to explore the natural highlights of Gran Canaria.

While many visitors already know about the best beaches in Gran Canaria, not many know about the natural pools, which are usually located in the northern part of the island. If you want to discover the other face of Gran Canaria, we encourage you to take a tour of its best natural swimming pools, located in the municipalities of Agaete, Galdar, Arucas and Moya.

Los Charcones in Arucas

Los Charcones natural pool is a really cool and lively place in Arucas, especially during the summer months. The entire area around the natural pools has been redone in recent years and it's now a family-friendly place in Gran Canaria, where one can enjoy a relaxing day in the sun and a refreshing dip in the pool's ocean water. 

Las Salinas Natural Pool in Agaete

las salinas natural pool agaete
Las Salinas - The natural pool in Agaete (Gran Canaria)

Las Salinas Natural Pools are located in Agaete and they are a MUST if you're looking for a fabulous spot and a unique place to swim overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

This place is extremely popular during the summer months when hundreds of sunbathers come every day to enjoy the natural pools of Agaete, which are one of the most popular natural pools in Gran Canaria. These pools are protected from the open sea and on some days you can see the huge waves crashing into the rocky walls around the pool. There are actually 3 natural pools, all of which are interconnected.

El Clavo Pool (La Furnia Pool) in Galdar 

This unique natural pools in Gran Canaria is sheltered by tall cliffs, in a wild surrounding formed by volcanic rocks.

El Clavo pool has crystal clear waters and you can see the power of the ocean when you look at the waves in the distance.

You can access this pool by going down a few steps.

This place is not well known among holidaymakers in Gran Canaria and it's more popular among local residents. 

Charco de San Lorenzo in Moya

At the natural pools of Moya you can see the big and strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying the safety of the pool, which is completely isolated from the ocean by a stone wall. 

There is also a small bar which serves good food and drinks. 

Charco de San Lorenzo is usually popular during weekends, so if you like a relaxing and quiet atmosphere, it would be best to visit during the weekdays.

El Agujero in Galdar

Not so far from the historical center of the municipality of Gáldar, sits this popular bathing area that is formed by three natural pools. One of these pools is open to the sea, so this place is a favorite among surfers in the north of the island.

There are big steps that lead to the pool, where you can feel safe while swimming and watching the fury of the Atlantic.

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