Rare June storm to reach the Canary Islands with rain next week

Published on June 03, 2023
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AEMET, the State Meteorological Agency, has announced that an unusual storm for the month of June is approaching the Canary Islands.

Based on the current information, Aemet is expecting that the storm will reach the archipelago next week, bringing with it a significant amount of rain. According to the forecast, rainfall will be more probable and abundant on the mountainous islands in the archipelago.

According to Juan Jesús González Alemán, an Aemet meteorologist, "The strange thing is not the phenomenon itself, it is the time in which it happens.", as this type of storm and rainfall is common for the winter months, but not for summer.

Based on current data, the days with the maximum amounts of rainfall are expected to be Tuesday and Wednesday (June 6 and 7).

Aemet has also pointed out that the EFI index (Extreme Forecast Index) provides us with a measure of the rarity or exceptionality of a rainfall episode compared to what is typical for that time of year . In other words, this index helps us assess whether forecast rainfall is unusually high or low for the period in question. Using the EFI, meteorologists can determine if the forecast weather event is atypical and may have a significant impact on the region in terms of floods, droughts, or other precipitation-related events.

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