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Published on October 16, 2017
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Sea salt museum fuerteventura
The salt plains at Salinas del Carmen in Fuerteventura

At the Salt Museum in Fuerteventura (Salinas del Carmen) you get the chance to see first hand how salt is formed and processed. The Museum of Salt is located in the municipality of Antigua, close to Caleta de Fuste and it’s an interesting place to visit if you want to see something else besides amazing beaches all day long.

By visiting the museum in Salinas del Carmen you can find out info about the history of salt, the applications it has had throughout the centuries and in different parts of the world and you also get to see the actual salt plains.

A nice and quiet place to visit in Fuerteventura: Salinas del Carmen and the Salt Museum

There are 2 parts to the museum: the first part is the indoor side of the museum, located in a nice building where you can learn how the salt is farmed from the sea and other interesting facts. Unfortunately, the museum isn’t exactly modern, and inside you will receive and pamphlet where you can read info about the things that you viewing. There are photos and charts but nothing much more interactive than this.

The outdoor section of the Salt Museum in Fuerteventura will prove to be the more interesting part, as here you can actually see the salt plains and the employees there mining the salt right in front of you.

The view from the salt museum is really beautiful, as it’s located right next to a beach that is usually deserted. Although it's not the most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura, it's a very peaceful place and we spent some time in the sun here right after our visit.

The location of the museum makes it also a great place for birdwatchers to see different species on their migration route between the north of Europe and Africa. Towards the exit, you can also get to see sometimes the famous chipmunks in Fuerteventura.

After you finish visiting the Salt Museum Salinas del Carmen, you can go and have lunch at a nice restaurant situated nearby called Los Caracolitos. We had a really nice meal here and you can read more about it in our article about restaurants in Fuerteventura.

At the end, there’s a small bar and a shop where you can buy salt produced in Fuerteventura at a really low cost. Sadly, we weren’t able to find this salt available to buy anywhere else on the island, so if you want to get a taste of it, you’ll have to make the trip here.

Although it’s not the most impressive thing to do in Fuerteventura, the Salt Museum deserves a visit, especially if you get a cloudy day and want to get out of the resort. From Caleta de Fuste you can even walk by the ocean the 5 km to the Salt Museum, just make sure to have enough water and sun lotion with you.

  • Museo de la Sal / Salt Museum - Salinas de El Carmen: 928.17.49.26
  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Entrance price: 6 Euros
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