Spanish Navy helps shuttle farmers on La Palma to care for their plantations

Published on December 03, 2021
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spanish navy helps la palma volcano eruption canary islands
Image source:  Ministerio de Defensa España

Since the start of the volcanic eruption, a lot of roads on La Palma have been destroyed or cut off by the lava, so for some local farmers, it has become impossible to get to their plantations.

This is where the Spanish Navy comes in place, helping to move farmers by boat and shuttle them to the stranded areas where their farms and plantations are located.

The operation has been in place since November 11th, using the Amphibious ship 'Castilla', in what was announced as the first operation of this kind in Spain with a civilian population.

The boats used for this operation have the capacity to transport around 80 people on each trip, and the number of occupants will be updated every day first thing in the morning according to the requests transmitted by the farmers to the Cabildo of La Palma.

This is a video published on December 2nd by Armada Española, showing an LCM-1E ship, that carried 105 farmers from Tazacorte to Puerto Naos, in what was a record in the number of people translated up to now on La Palma

Update on the volcanic eruption on La Palma

Seismicity at intermediate depths has been very intense in the last 24 hours, while the eruptive activity continues to be concentrated mainly on the northeast side. 

It was reported on December 1st, that another pyroclastic cone has formed, while in the main cone the activity continues to be scarce and intermittent at the moment - mainly ash and fumarolic emission activity. The main lava flow runs through the central area of ​​the previous flows, crossing areas that had already been affected by the eruption. 

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