8 Best Things To Do in Arucas - Visit a Historic Town in Gran Canaria

Published on September 06, 2019
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San Juan Bautista Church in Arucas, Gran Canaria

The Municipality of Arucas is situated in the north of Gran Canaria, stretching from sea level until up into the foothills, at an altitude of over 1.800 feet. 

Arucas is a must-see when exploring the northern part of the island, as it is rich in history and with surrounded by beautiful natural wonders, like the Arucas Volcano, which is the most important natural phenomenon in the municipality.

What to do and see in Arucas

Most of the buildings in Arucas date from the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century and they have beautiful architecture, which is why the old town of Arucas is worth a visit while in Gran Canaria. 

1. Plaza de San Juan

San Juan Square is in the centre of Arucas and you can start your visit here, by admiring the beautiful buildings in the old town centre, especially St John church, which is the emblematic building of Arucas.

2. San Juan Bautista Church

This magnificent church was built between 1909 and 1917, entirely by hand, with many sacrifices from the people who worked in its construction.

St. John's Church is the icon of Arucas and the reason why many people stop to visit this historic town in Gran Canaria. The church houses an outstanding reclining
nude image of Christ, by local sculptor Manolo Ramos (1898-1971). 

3. Visit the Arehucas Rum Distillery

A must try in Gran Canaria is the Arehucas rum, produced locally in Arucas for over a century, since 1884.

You can take a guided tour and visit the facilities for a small fee of €3.50 (free for children).

The visit includes the cellar and the bottling lines and also a tasting session of different rums and liqueurs. 

If you're in the area, don't skip a visit to Arehucas Distillery, as it's really worth the small fee and you will be supporting a local business and an important brand which is representative for the Canary Islands and especially for Gran Canaria.

4. Plaza de la Constitution

Plaza de la Constitución houses two important municipal buildings: the Town Council (1875) and the former Municipal Market (1882). It is easy to get here by walking from Plaza San Juan.

5. Municipal Museum and Park

The main park in Arucas occupies a surface area of around 2.5 acres, with several
paved and tree-lined areas. Arucas is also known as the “Town of the
flowers” and the park as well is also known as Parque de las Flores (Park of the flowers).

The Municipal Museum of Arucas is situated at one of the entrances to the park. The museum currently shows a permanent exhibit of the works of Santiago Santana, Manolo Ramos, Guillermo Sureda and Abraham Cárdenes.

6. Leon y Castillo street

This is a pedestrian street, where you can admire several old and historic buildings. 

You could also start your visit to Arucas here, by going to the Tourist Information Office for info about what to see in town. 

7. Jardín de la Marquesa

This is a small botanical garden which owes its name to its creator, the Marquis, who brought back different species from his frequent journeys throughout the globe.

The garden currently hosts one of the most complete collections of tropical
and sub-tropical flora, with over 2.500 species on display. 

The fee to visit the garden is €6 p.p.

Want to discover more of the island? See a full list of things to do in Gran Canaria.

8. Mirador de Arucas

If you came to Arucas in your own rental car we recommend driving up to the Mirador for the spectacular view.

Unfortunately, the restaurant which used to function here is now closed, but at least you can stop for a few moments in the parking lot and take a few moments to admire the view of the surrounding area, including the town of Arucas and various other parts in the north of Gran Canaria.

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