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Recreate at home the most authentic canarian recipes like canarian potatoes with mojo sauce, barraquite coffee and more.

Barraquito coffee

Barraquito Coffee Recipe & Where to Find It in Tenerife

CANARIAN CUISINE - November 15, 2018

Barraquito - the most famous coffee in Tenerife, with a taste that will always bring back memories of a sunny holiday! What is Barraquito Coffee? Is it true that it's an alcoholic coffee drink? Yes. Barraquito is a Liqueur coffee that is so delicious and sweet that it should be served as dessert. ...

Wrinkly potatoes recipe canary islands

Mojo Sauce Recipe - Green Mojo & Red Mojo Sauce

CANARIAN CUISINE - October 04, 2018

One of the traditional dishes of the Canary Islands, these mojo sauces are served almost with every meal, especially to accompany the famous papas arrugadas or wrinkly Canarian potatoes. If you wish to prepare a typical Canarian meal at home, these recipes are all you need to get you started. So......

Wrinkly potatoes recipe canary islands

Canarian potatoes recipe - Papas Arrugadas

CANARIAN CUISINE - October 04, 2018

The wrinkly potatoes, or papas arrugadas as they are called by the canarians, are the archipelago's most famous dish and at first many people wonder what can be so special when it comes to potatoes. Although potatoes are no native to Tenerife or the other islands, the Spanish conquistadors have ...

Rancho canario

Rancho Canario Recipe - Authentic Canarian Cuisine

CANARIAN CUISINE - January 26, 2017

Rancho Canario is a popular type of stew, served in all the Canary Islands, so if you've visited an authentic restaurant during your holidays you might have tried it already. The recipe usually calls for beef and chicken meat, but there are lots of variations and you can also add chorizo or smoked ...

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