Heatwave expected in the Canary Islands from Sunday

Published on June 23, 2023
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canary islands heatwave

According to Aemet, a mass of warm air from North Africa is about to hit Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands over the next few days, and the Canary Islands starting next week, when temperatures will rise significantly.

In continental Spain, Aemet informs that the area most affected by this episode of heat will be the southwestern quadrant and the center of the peninsula, "with maximum temperatures that will probably exceed 38 degrees Celsius, exceeding 40-42ºC in areas of the Valley of the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana.

In the Canary Islands, the temperatures will begin to rise on Sunday, first in the eastern islands of the archipelago like Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Over the next few days, the temperatures will rise also in the west, reaching Gran Canaria and Tenerife on Monday, and affecting the entire archipelago, from Tuesday, June 27. Aemet estimates that this episode of high temperatures will continue until Friday, June 30.

Temperatures are expected to rise up to 30 and 32ºC at altitudes between 300 and 900 m, while exceeding 34ºC in the southern parts of the islands. 

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