Jameos del Agua - Lanzarote

Jameos del Agua is a MUST SEE when visiting Lanzarote and it's probably the place that shows best the vision that Cesar Manrique had for the entire island.

The white pool is what ties everything together and creates a contrast in the space. We can't say for sure, but it's said that only the King of Spain can swim in the pool inside Jameos del Agua.

jameos del agua lanzarote
View of the White Pool - supposedly only the King of Spain can take a swim in it!

What is Jameos del Agua

The word Jameos refers to the large opening in the lava tubes, that were formed the roof colapsed during the last volcanic eruptions.

Jameos del Agua is part of a 6 - 7 km long lava tube, along with another attraction on the island called Cuevas de los Verdes.

Manrique designed the place around the two large caves found on site, one of which hides a natural lake, with crystal clear water.

The other cave is a concert hall, and if you wish to attend to an event here, there are special tickets available for night visits.

The albino crabs at Jameos del Agua

Right from the first steps you can see the lake hidden inside the grotto, and on the bottom of the lake live thousands of albino crabs, a species native only to Lanzarote.

This type of crabs are actually very small and also blind and they are the symbol of Lanzarote, since this is the only place on Earth where they can be found.

When visiting Jameos del Agua, please respect this one of a kind place and do not throw coins in the lake. The rust from the coins harms the crabs and although there are several signs asking people to stop throwing coins, it seems that they keep getting ignored quite often.

volcanic cave jameo del agua lanzarote
The white "dots" on the bottom of the lake are actually the albino crabs

Jameos del Agua Concerts

One of the caves is designed to function as a large concert hall and you can enjoy a magical night out in this beautiful location.

The tickets for events usually include a dinner and also the concert, so this could be a good choice if you're looking for something special to do for a celebration.

The concert hall at Jameos del Agua was reopened for the public in 2009, after the reconstruction work as completed. Volcanic caves are very fragile and the workers had to use innovative techniques in order to complete the job and maintain the aspect intact.

This place has great acoustics and again, it's a one of a kind event hall, which makes the experience all the more interesting and special.

The auditorium has a maximum capacity of 600 people.

The volcano house - La casa de los volcanes

This is the newest addition to Jameos del Agua, a space designed to inform tourists about the volcanic origin and volcanic activity in all the Canary Islands.

In my opinion there's much room for improvement, in order to make things more interactive and interesting, but it's a place to start.

You can find out more about the latest volcanic eruptions and there's also a nice 3D model of the islands and the placement of the volcanoes.

Jameos del Agua Price

The individual ticket is 9 euros for adults; children, 7-12 years, 4,50 Euro; Resident in the Canary Islands: Adults, 7,20 Euro; Childs, 3,60 Euro

You can also buy the multi-tickets available at each center, if you plan on visiting more than one center in Lanzarote.

How to get to Jameos del Agua

The cultural attraction Jameos del Agua is situated in the north of Lanzarote and there are plenty of road signs indicating the direction.

Address: Carretera Arrecife-Orzola, S/N, 35520 Haria, Las Palmas, Spain

When to visit - Schedule

Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:30 h

If you're planning an individual visit, without a group tour, then it's best to come in the afternoon.

Especially in the summer months in gets really busy in the morning, so it's best to visit after 2 PM/ 14:00.

There's also a restaurant and a cafe on site, so you'll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in this amazing place.

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