Tenerife wildfire, the most complicated one in 40 years in the Canary Islands

Published on August 19, 2023
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Image source: ATBRIF (Brigadas de Refuerzo en Incendios Forestales)

The president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, indicated at a press conference that, to his regret, this is "the most complicated fire in the last 40 years in the Canary Islands."

The Tenerife forest fire covers an area of ​​5,000 hectares with a perimeter of 50 kilometers and already affects ten municipalities, having entered Güímar late in the afternoon on Friday, which has forced new evacuations as it exceeds the Pico de Cho Marcial, according to the president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo.

On the other hand, the improvement in the El Rosario area has made it possible to fully lift the confinement in the nucleus of La Esperanza and in the Las Raíces Migrant Center.


  • The new evacuated areas in Gúimar are Las Dehesas, Los Pelados and Las Coloradas, in addition to the Izaña centers
  • The affected area is around 5,000 hectares, with a perimeter of 50 kilometers, and covering ten municipalities
  • Tomorrow 19 aerial means will operate with the incorporation of the Kamov helicopter with a capacity of 4,500 liters of water

On Saturday, 19 aerial means will act, as the Kamov helicopter will also join the battle against the fire, with a capacity for 4,500 liters of water and 265 fighters on the ground.

Regarding the rupture of the Aguamansa canal, the president of the Cabildo Rosa Dávila, pointed out that the fault is located and that tomorrow, if the fire conditions allow it, an attempt will be made to begin its repair. Meanwhile, the town halls are taking the necessary measures to guarantee the supply in the best conditions and the responsible consumption of water is insisted on in the affected municipalities.

Tenerife forest fire in figures

Municipalities affected:   10

Arafo, Candelaria, Santa Úrsula, La Victoria, El Rosario, La Orotava, El Sauzal, Tacoronte, La Matanza and Güímar

Affected area: 5,000 hectares with a perimeter of 50 kilometers

  • Candelaria 35.20%
  • Arafo 44.74%
  • La Orotava 5.22%
  • The Rosary 13.13%
  • Saint Ursula 19.97%
  • La Victoria 15.20%
  • Sauzal 7.58%
  • La Matanza 4.78%
  • Tacoronte 1.73%
  • Güímar (pending evaluation)

People evacuated: 4,509

Helicopters and sea planes on duty on Saturday: 19

  • 7 helicopters (4 from the Ministry of Ecological Transition-Miteco and 3 from the Canary Islands Government)
  • 2 EIRIF
  • 2 Council of Tenerife
  • 1 Council of Gran Canaria.
  • 3 FOCAS (amphibious aircraft of the Miteco)
  • 1ATC (cargo aircraft on the ground-airtractor)
  • 1 Kamov
  • Coordination: 2 CUCO of the Civil Guard and the ACO of Miteco
  • Extinction forces tomorrow Saturday:   265

Video of one an amphibious plane dropping water in the fight against the fire in Tenerife:

Thank you to all the people involved in the battle against the wildfire

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