11 Best Things To Do in La Gomera - Attractions & Places to Visit

Published on May 11, 2023
La GomeraThings to do in La Gomera
la gomera garajonay national park
View of Mount Teide from La Gomera

Most people come to visit La Gomera for the peace and quiet, the natural beauty and the landscapes and for the numerous trekking and hiking opportunities around the island.

La Gomera is only the second smallest island in the Canaries and also the closest island to Tenerife (the largest Canary Island). Although they so close together, La Gomera and Tenerife couldn't be more different in terms of tourism.

What to do in La Gomera - Attractions & Points of Interest

If you want to discover one of the Canary Islands on foot, La Gomera is probably the perfect place. You have hundreds of trails at your disposal and the views are so beautiful that you will instantly fall in love.

1. Garajonay National Park

garajonay natural park la gomera
Enchanted forest in La Gomera

Garajonay National Park is the symbol of the island and the first place you MUST explore when in La Gomera.

If you're already planning to come to La Gomera on holiday, then you must've seen some of the most amazing photos that look like an enchanted forest. Most of them are from inside the park from the laurisilva forests.

The park gets its name after the rock formation of Garajonay, which is the highest point on La Gomera at 1,487 m high.

2. Playa del Ingles

Located in Valle Gran Rey, this beach is quite different from the beach with the same name in Gran Canaria. 

Playa del Ingles is a paradise for nudists, due to the isolation. The landscape and the view are wonderful, but a car would be recommended in order to get there.

3. San Sebastian de la Gomera

san de la gomera things to do
San Sebastian de La Gomera is often used as a base by tourists visiting the island

Although San Sebastian is the capital of La Gomera, it's still a small city, compared to the image we usually have when we are thinking about a capital city. This is also the main port in La Gomera, where ferries from Tenerife arrive. If you're staying for a few days on the island, then it's worth spending at least a few hours wandering through San Sebastian. The town also has 2 urban beaches:  Playa de la Cueva and Playa de San Sebastian.

4. Whale watching in La Gomera

Whale watching is one of the best experiences in La Gomera, as well as one of the best things to do in Tenerife.

There are various companies that can take you out on the ocean, especially from Valle Gran Rey. The area around La Gomera is one of those privileged places where you can spot whales in the wild all year round, as well as dolphins.

5. Mirador de Abrante

mirador de abrante things to do la gomera
Mirador de Abrante is one of the most popular places to visit in La Gomera

At the moment this place is probably the most famous building in La Gomera and you will find lots of photographs on social media.

Mirador de Abrante is situated in the north of La Gomera and it's actually a platform with tall glass walls, suspended in the air - not for the faint of heart. The views are as spectacular as the construction, which is why it soon became super popular among visitors.

6. Visit Agulo, a historic village in La Gomera

agulo places to visit la gomera

Agulo is a charming village, full of historic buildings and cobbled stoned streets, located only one hour away from the capital of San Sebastian de La Gomera.
Agulo is the village that you see from Mirador Abrante, so these two places can be linked together and visited on the same day.

Agulo has preserved its traditional Canarian architecture, it has an authentic vibe (it's not a tourist resort) so it's one of the places we recommend you visit while in La Gomera, if you want to learn more about the island's history and traditions.

7. Hermigua

la gomera what to do
Hermigua is a great place to visit in La Gomera for nature lovers

A place that will conquer you with its unique colors and vegetation, Hermigua's most well-known points of interest are the El Cedro Forest, the Majona Rural Park, La Caleta Beach, as well as Garajonay Park, which covers part of the municipality. This place is a hiker's paradise for exploration on foot and it's a paradise for nature lovers and photographers as well.

8. Playa Santiago

Playa de Santiago is where the island's airport is located, and it's a coastal enclave, a place with fishing tradition, very popular among tourists in La Gomera.

In Playa Santiago, you can take a walk on the maritime avenue and the main street, plus you can find a multitude of bars, restaurants and terraces where you can enjoy a fresh fish meal.

Playa Santiago is a great place to stay in La Gomera, especially if you want to combine sunbathing with visiting the island.

9. Mirador de Alojera

From this viewpoint, you can see the village of Alojera and the entire northwestern part of the municipality of Vallehermoso. This is a great place to see in La Gomera because from here you can observe the mountains that are part of the west end of the Garajonay National Park and which connect with the rock formations of the Lomo del Carretón, another Natural Monument, situated right at your feet when you are at the viewpoint.

10. Pescante de Hermigua

This is a place of historical importance for La Gomera, reminding us of the times when the island had started to develop and they built this davit for input and output of goods and passengers by sea. 

Nowadays people come here to swim in the pool that is formed by the rocks, but you need to be careful with the waves if you decide to go in for a swim. The place looks cool, interesting and very Instagrammable, but it is also dangerous, so be careful when visiting this La Gomera attraction.

11. The Ethnographic Park of La Gomera - Los Telares

  • Address: El Patronato s/n | GM-1 Km. 18, 38820 Hermigua, La Gomera

The Ethnographic Park is a great place to visit in La Gomera if you want to learn how the gomerans lived and worked in the past. The park is located only 30 minutes away from San Sebastian and the main Seaport of La Gomera.

FAQ about visiting La Gomera

Can you swim in La Gomera?

Yes, you can definitely swim in La Gomera, as the island is a year-round tourist destination. The most popular beaches where you can swim in La Gomera are Playa de Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago.

Do you need a car to get around La Gomera?

A car is not absolutely necessary, as you can use public buses to get to most places and towns, but a car would be useful and would make visiting La Gomera easier, as you can move around quickly and get to some unique places which are not accessible by bus.

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