11 Best Things to do in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the most visited destinations in Spain and they are comprised of 7 main islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

Each island has its charm and it deserves a separate holiday, so if you're not decided where to go, we have made a list of what you can see in the Canary Islands to help you decide.


Canary Islands Points Of Interest

1. Relax in the sun all year long

The islands all have amazing beaches, from Cofete in Fuerteventura, to Papagayo beaches in Lanzarote or playa Las Teresitas in Tenerife.

If you want to know more, read all about the beaches in Tenerife, best beaches in Lanzarote or the ones in Fuerteventura.

2. Siam Park - Tenerife

If you're into waterparks, then Siam Park (located in Tenerife) is the only one that matters. It was named as the best waterpark in the world 2 years in a row by Tripadvisor users and it is definitely worth a visit for the thrilling rides and amazing gardens. During the summer months and school holidays it's super crowded and the queues get long, so it's better to buy a fast pass.

3. The dunes of Maspalomas - Gran Canaria

One of the places in the Canary Islands that you should not miss is located in Gran Canaria and it's a magical place with sand dunes that will charm you right away. You spend the day and explore also Maspalomas beach and the area around the lighthouse.

4. Visit Caldera de Taburiente National Park - La Palma

If you're going to La Palma, don't miss a trip to Caldera de Taburiente National Park. Watch the sea of clouds and get fascinated by the amazing view from the top.

5. Garajonay National Park - La Gomera

The park is the symbol of La Gomera, which is the closest island to Tenerife (see more info in our article about the location of the Canary Islands). Walking in these forests is very easy and be prepared for some enchanting spots, almost too picture perfect.

6. Jameos del Agua - Lanzarote

Jameos del Agua is a unique place in Lanzarote, whre you get to see an undergorund lake with white crabs and an auditorium built inside a volcanic cave. You can even go there in the evening for a dinner and a concert if you really want to enjoy a unique experience.

7. Explore Teide National Park - Tenerife's Symbol

Mount Teide is the symbol of Tenerife and the main place on our list of things to do in Tenerife. Even if you're not hiker and you don't go up to the summit, you should still do a day tour through the park to learn more about the island's volcanic history. Mount Teide is one of the most important attractions in the Canary Islands and the highest peak in Spain.

8. Corralejo Dunes and Corralejo Grandes Playas - Fuerteventura

Corralejo Dunes are situated in the north of Fuerteventura and they are one of the main attractions on the island. With fine and almost white sand, the dunes are visited by people all over the island and the beach provides a beautiful view towards the small island of Los Lobos. Don't miss out on at least a day of explore the beautiful beaches, especially Flag beach.

9. Take in the amazing views from Masca village - Tenerife

Masca is a small village almost hidden inland in Tenerife. Despite its location, the village is now pretty popular and it does get busy and crowded especially during school holidays. The drive is also a bit challenging, so if you think it's not for you, look for a tour or take the bus, but don't miss the chance to see this place. 

10. Relax for a day at Playa de Amadores - Gran Canaria

If you're in Gran Canaria for a family holiday, then this is the best beach for you. Or at least this is what we personally think about this place, that it's perfect for families with children. That's why this beach with crystal clear waters is also included on our list of what to do in Gran Canaria for a great holiday.

11. Bus visit inside Timanfaya National Park - Lanzarote

Timandaya is one of the most important points of interest in the Canary Islands and a visit to Lanzarote would not be complete without taking the bus tour through the volcanic park. The tour last for around 45 - 60 minutes and afterwards you can enjoy a meal in the restaurant located inside the park where they cook the chicken using the heat coming from inside the volcano.

The archipelago is full of fascinating landscapes and views and we will soon add more places to see in the Canary Islands and more things to do. Meanwhile you can browse our list of recommendations for the best beaches in the Canary Islands.

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