183 cruise stops scheduled in Fuerteventura during the 2024-2025 season

Published on May 31, 2024
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Image source: Ayuntamiento de Puerto del Rosario

In May 2024, the cruise season in Puerto del Rosario ended. A total of 125 stops were made by the different cruise ships at the capital's port.

For the next 2024-2025 season, 183 stops are scheduled in Fuerteventura, so a total of 58 more arrivals compared to the previous cruise arrival period.

The mayor of the capital, David de Vera, stated, "It is good news that the Puerto del Rosario dock continues to strengthen its position as a destination for cruise ship tourists, in addition to the visitors who come to the municipality daily from other parts of the island. The city council is in constant contact with the Port Authority regarding the improvement works being carried out on the port's infrastructure to meet the logistical needs of various vessels and to provide services to cruise passengers through the tourism office."

The Tourism Councilor, Rosa Rodríguez, declared, "The extended hours of the tourism office, operating continuously in morning and afternoon shifts during the week and morning shifts on weekends, allow us to provide better service not only to cruise passengers but also to other visitors and residents seeking information about the municipality and the island. Together, we organize various complementary activities related to crafts, gastronomy, music, and culture, so that visitors leave with fond memories of their visit."

On September 22, 2023, the cruise ship "Costa Fortuna" inaugurated the cruise season, carrying around 4,500 people, including passengers and crew. The "Costa Fascinosa," with about 2,800 passengers from various countries and a crew of approximately 1,050 members from 40 different nationalities, was the last cruise ship to stop at Puerto del Rosario on May 21, 2024.

The cruise ships arriving at Puerto del Rosario are like floating cities, equipped with multiple restaurants, bars, pools, gyms, auditoriums, shops, casinos, and even small hospitals, among other services. These vessels typically make one-day stops at different islands in the archipelago, in addition to other destinations such as Madeira and various cities on the Iberian Peninsula or North Africa, depending on each company's schedule.

Many cruise passengers, after visiting the different cities where they stop, often return to the island and stay in hotels for several days, having had an initial introduction to the destination.

Following the challenges of the pandemic, the number of cruise ship stops has increased in subsequent years, which has been very beneficial for Puerto del Rosario in particular, as well as for the island and the rest of the archipelago in general. In the last year, there were 1,300 stops in the Canary Islands, solidifying cruise tourism as an alternative to the traditional sun-and-beach tourism that the Canary Islands usually attract.

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