Airbnb Coupon Code

Airbnb has become a pretty popular choice for accommodation all over the world and you can find some amazing places, that will cost less than the price of a boring hotel room.

Booking on Airbnb is fast and safe, as long as you complete the reservation and pay on the Airbnb website.

You can get a discount off your first reservation, and the discount can sometimes be 24$ and other times up to 40$, it's all up to Airbnb and it's a pretty random system.

The standard travel credit amount is of 24$, but it can be more sometimes if they have a promotion running for new account.

Below you can see a step by step instruction article of how to use the Airbnb discount code.


To create a new account and get your up to 40$ Free Travel Credit now, click here and Sign up on the Airbnb website. Once you've created your new account you are ready to go and the credit will be automatically applied to your first reservation with a total of more than 71$.

How To Get Your (up to) 40$ Airbnb Coupon Code

Step by Step Instructions

1. In order to get the discount you have to Sign Up for your Airbnb account using our link. When you click you will see a page that looks like this:

airbnb coupon code

You can see in this case that the Airbnb discount code is for 24$ (or 22€), but you can get up to 40$ and it all depends on your luck and Airbnb's random system. 

2. Click the button that says "Sign up to claim your credit" and you can create a new account using you email address, or you can just sign up using either your Facebook or Google account, which is a much easier option.

3. You will see your credit in the Credit tab available in your account.

3. Complete your profile and maybe write a short introduction about you, so that hosts can get to know a few things about you and then start looking for your accommodation.

How Can I Use The Airbnb Discount Code?

The Airbnb credit will be applied automatically when you make a reservation of at least 66€.

Just look for a place you like, and when you decide to make the reservation Airbnb will automatically apply the discount to the final amount. The only condition is for the reservation to be above €66 / $71.

Also, you have to use the travel credit within one year since the date you created you account, otherwise it will be expired and you won't be able to use it.

Can I Use The Airbnb Coupon Code If I Alreay Have An Account?


The Airbnb discount code only applies to new accounts created following our link.

If you already have an account but you want to get your 24$ coupon code, just sign up for a new account using another email address or another social media account (if the email address is different).

In What Currency Will I Receive My Airbnb Credit?

You can change between the several currencies available in Airbnb, so your credit will change accordingly to the currency you choose.

You can Sign up and get a €22 credit or the equivalent of $24 or any other currency available on Airbnb.

Can I Get My Own Airbnb Coupon Code To Share With Friends?


Everyone who has an Airbnb account can get their own discount code that they can share with family and friends.

In the menu you will see the Travel Credit page, where you can get your own referral link. Just share the link with your friends or work colleagues and both of you will benefit from it: they will get the discount when they sign up and you will get travel credit when they complete a reservation. Win - Win situation!

Bonus: You can get Airbnb travel credit even when your friends become a host for the first time, after signing up through your link.

Is Airbnb Safe To Use?

The most important thing you have to remember when booking a private apartment or villa is that you should never send money directly to the owner or the agency managing the property.

As long as you book using the Airbnb website, you will be protected under their program and if you have problems with the rental place or the hosts, you can contact Airbnb and they will manage the situation.


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