All-time record for the Canary Islands, with 155 productions filmed here in 2021

Published on April 18, 2022
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The Canary Islands have closed 2021 with a record in terms of audiovisual filming. 155 productions have been filmed in the Canaries in 2021, including films, series, documentaries, shorts and animation, which left an investment of 98 million euros in the archipelago.

These figures are the highest recorded in the history of the Canary Islands, far exceeding those recorded in the last three years. It should be noted that even in 2020, the year in which the pandemic paralyzed the planet, 80 productions were made in the Canary Islands. This positive evolution has also made it possible to double the number of direct hirings of local technical and artistic professionals, regardless of extras or suppliers.

The data has been released by the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Government of the Canary Islands, Juan Márquez , who pointed out as a reference that "only with the audiovisual sector have twice the resources been received, for example, from what we invest in the entire area of ​​Culture and Cultural Heritage”. In his opinion, this clearly shows the importance of an activity that also doubles hiring compared to previous years, which reflects the good level of our professionals”.

The deputy minister also referred to the recent increase in subsidies to the Canarian audiovisual sector, "because aside from the positive aspect of receiving large international productions, it is essential that our local industry continues to grow with trained professionals and companies, and that we also have our own productions”.

The Canary Islands, a top destination for audiovisual productions

These data consolidate the Canary Islands as a preferred destination for filmmaking and television productions, a sector that continues to grow, attracted by the good weather conditions, the landscapes, the tax incentives, the connectivity and the security offered by the archipelago. 

2021 figures and evolution

In 2018, there were 79 productions that left 60 million in revenue in the archipelago. In 2019 there were 101, with 48 million in revenue; and in 2020, 80 productions have left the archipelago with 28 million euros in revenue. The best result corresponds to 2021, with 155 productions and more than 98 million euros in income. It should be noted that close to 20% are animated series and films, an activity that continues to grow, doubling its figures in 2021 compared to previous years.

Of the 155, 14 were fiction feature films, 13 television series, 23 documentaries, 64 TV programs and 15 short films. In relation to animation, 1 feature and 24 series were made. According to Canary Islands Film, only 3 feature films, 2 series and 5 animation productions received the tax incentive. In this balance, the productions related to advertising, which amount to 255, are not added, although they are included in the balance of economic income.

It is worth noting the growth of TV programs that are recorded in the Canary Islands, a total of 64 in 2021. Most are reality shows that, although they cannot benefit from a tax incentive, have found a Hub in the Canary Islands where they can shoot different seasons.

All this has meant an investment in the islands of more than 98 million euros, also taking into account that this is a low estimate, since not all productions provide this information. In terms of employment, this activity generated 4,000 hires of technical and artistic personnel from the Islands, twice as many as in 2018. This amount does not include extras (5,000) or the hiring of suppliers. During the year, 2,700 days of filming were carried out, spread over all the islands.

Featured movies and series

The activity has been carried out by companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain. Of the totality, it is worth highlighting, among many others, the series ' Foundation ', by Apple TV, which shot its first season on several islands and which this year will come back to shoot the second season; ' La Casa de Papel' , shot on an oil platform in the Canary Islands; the comedy 'Amor de madre ', which will be released soon on Netflix; or the youth series ' Camp Newton ', with the participation of Disney.

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