Fasnia - Tenerife: Roques de Fasnia & Things to do in the area

Published on June 02, 2020
TenerifeThings to do in Tenerife
Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

With less than 3000 permanent inhabitants in total, Fasnia attracts visitors looking for a place to relax and enjoy quiet moments, away from the big hotels and the hustle and bustle of the Arona and Adeje regions.

Fasnia is a municipality in the southern part of Tenerife, very different from the busy tourist resorts, but still worth a visit if you're after some peace and quiet.

Roques de Fasnia

In order to get to either Playa Los Roques or Playa del Abrigo, you have to exit the TF-1 on exit no. 32 towards Fasnia Los Roques.

Continue on TF-630 until you arrive at a junction where you can go either to Playa del Abrigo or Playa Los Roques. For Los Roques, you have to turn right and you will soon arrive at the car park. From here you can walk up to the beach through the neighborhood known as Los Roques. There are just a few houses here, so it's usually a quiet place, except on summer weekends, when there are many locals who come to this beach.

It's worth a visit to this place if only for the views of El Roque de Dentro and El Roque de Fuera, which resemble a bit to the giant rock seen in Garachico.

Los Roques - a small village in Tenerife

los roques tenerife
Los Roques - Tenerife

There is a small pathway that leads you through the old houses all the way down to the beach, which is called Playa de Los Roques de Fasnia. 

The beach Los Roques is small, with small volcanic rocks, but it's a nice place to be if you want to escape from the usual commercial areas in the south.

Most of the houses are in poor condition and don't seem to be inhabited and there wasn't anyone else but us on the day when we visited. 

After you go to the beach you can also go to the Mirador Roques de Fasnia which sits on top of the village and offers the best view for photographers (the first photo in the article was taken from this viewpoint). If you're with a car, just keep driving on Calle B 23 all the way to the top until you reach the car park.

El Barranco de Herques - Herques Ravine

The Herques Ravine has been declared a Natural Monument due to the importance of the life it houses and the beauty of its geological formations.

300 years ago here arose the dark silhouette of Montana Negra, a set of volcanoes of different shapes and dimensions that were erected among the tremors, gases and tongues of fire in the highest part of the municipality. Everything changed here in 1705 with the eruption of the Montana Negro volcano, the same eruption that completely destroyed the town of Garachico.

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Things to do in Fasnia

A walk from Los Roques to Las Eras

This is a coastal route that takes you from the beach of Los Roques to Las Eras, but there is no signaled route, it's just a path that is used usually by fishermen.

Barranco de Linde

Linde Ravine is what separates Arico from Fasnia and it's a fairly unknown place on the island, compared to the more popular Barranco del Infierno in the south.

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Other things to see around Fasnia

  • La Hondura Cliff - Acantilados de la Hondura
  • Punta de la Marfea o Restinga
  • Punta de Honduras
  • Punta del Abrigo
  • Laja Amarilla
  • The chapel on top of the mountain of Fasnia
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