Antigua Carnival 2019 in Fuerteventura

The Department for Celebrations in Antigua (Fuerteventura) has announced that it will install ballot boxes in the City of Antigua, inside cultural centers and also in the municipal library, so that the residents can choose the theme for next year's carnival.

Antigua Carnival Dates 2019

At this moment the dates of the carnival haven't been announced yet. We will update this article as soon as we have more info

Antigua Carnival Theme for 2019

There are 6 themes to choose from for 2019:

  • Coco, a Mexican holiday
  • A night in Venice
  • Water depths
  • Versailles
  • Fantasy
  • The great cities of Andalusia

It is about bringing the Carnival of Antigua 2019 to all the neighbors of the municipality, making them participants in these parties of disguise, mask and imagination, says Councilman Juan Cabrera, and nothing better than having six allegories, all of them offering numerous possibilities of costumes, scenarios and shows.

In order that everyone can participate in the election of the Allegory of the Carnival Antigua 2019, the authorities will have an urn in the Town Hall of the City of Antigua, in the Tenure Mayor in Caleta de Fuste, in the cultural centers of the municipality and in the El Portón Municipal Library.

Once the voting period is up and we have the results, we will update the page with the winning allegory.

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