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Published on March 29, 2021
Canary IslandsWeather in Canary Islands
canary islands weather in april
Are the Canary Islands hot in April?

April might not be a warm month in continental Europe, but it is in the Canary Islands. Just like during the rest of the year, the weather in the Canary Islands in April is usually sunny and warm, ideal for outdoor activities like sunbathing, walking or hiking.

The Canary Islands enjoy one of the best climates in the world, so the fact that springs are lovely and warm should come as no surprise to anyone. But how hot is the weather during the month of April in the Canary Islands?

There are some differences between the islands though; for example, the north of Tenerife, La Palma and the inland of La Gomera get more rain compared to the rest of the islands, which makes them look green and lush.

What's the weather like in the Canary Islands in April

Although the month of April is not much warmer than the month of March, the weather is much improved due to the fact that there are fewer rainy days, with more sunshine hours and the ocean water starts to warm up as well.

April is usually a quiet month in the Canary Islands, so if you're looking for a relaxing and quiet holiday, this might be the best time to visit.

Temperatures in the Canary Islands in April

Below you can see the average temperatures for the islands during the month of April. But do keep in mind that especially in the north of Tenerife the temperatures will be lower than in the south during the winter and spring months.

Tenerife South

  • Average high temperature: 23.1 °C
  • Average low temperature: 16 °C
  • Daily mean: 19.5 °C

Gran Canaria (Airport)

  • Average high temperature: 22.6 °C
  • Average low temperature: 16.2 °C
  • Daily mean: 19.4 °C


  • Average high temperature: 23.5 °C
  • Average low temperature: 15.7 °C
  • Daily mean: 19.6 °C


  • Average high temperature: 22.9 °C
  • Average low temperature: 16 °C
  • Daily mean: 19.5 °C

What is the hottest Canary Island in April?

As you can see, Lanzarote and the south of Tenerife are the hottest islands in the Canary Islands archipelago in April, because the weather seems to be a bit warmer than Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, but the differences in temperature are not that big.

Since at night the temperature still drops to around 16°C, you should still bring a jacket or at least a cardigan and long trousers, because it will be chilly and even windy at times.

If you want more info about the weather conditions, temperatures & sunshine hours in April, you can read the dedicated article for each island:


  • Tenerife South - Average rainfall (mm): 7.4 mm
  • Gran Canaria Airport - Average rainfall (mm): 6 mm
  • Lanzarote - Average rainfall (mm): 5.2 mm
  • Fuerteventura - Average rainfall (mm): 5 mm

In the case of Tenerife, please keep in mind that there is much more rain happening in the north than in the south of the island. The number above if for the precipitation happening in the south, but the north is much greener and in consequence, you can expect more rainy days in spring.

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura get the least amount of rain, with only one wet day during the month of April.

Sea temperature

  • Tenerife South - Average sea temperature: 19.5°C
  • Gran Canaria - Average sea temperature: 19.6°C
  • Lanzarote - Average sea temperature: 19°C
  • Fuerteventura - Average sea temperature: 19°C

The water temperature does not differ by much between March and April, although it does start to warm up towards the end of the month. 

Can you swim in the Canary Islands in April?

The water temperature depends on which beach you choose, as there can be quite big differences between different beaches in different parts of the island. 

At 19°C, the water does not feel warm and will probably be considered cold by most people.

Should you travel in April to the Canary Islands?

Yes, if you want to spend a quiet holiday in the sun during the month of April. 

The only busy week in April is Easter week in those years when the holiday is celebrated during this month. You'll be able to take part in religious celebrations if you want and you can witness interesting Spanish traditions since Holy Week attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. 

April is a good month for hiking if you want to avoid the heat of summer days when the sun can be unbearable. The islands are green and full of life in spring, which means that you'll get to see some of the best landscapes. Anaga Rural Park looks gorgeous in spring, just like Garajonay National Park in La Gomera. 

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FAQ about the Canary Islands in April

How hot are the Canaries in April?

The average temperature in the Canary Islands in April is 19.5 °C (in the mountainous regions of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma it can be cooler than that). This means that during the daytime the weather will be warm enough for sunbathig.

Which Canary Island is hottest in April?

Lanzarote and Tenerife are the hottest Canary Islands in April. In the case of Tenerife, keep in mint that the temperatures in the north are lower than in the south where the tourist resorts are located.

Is April a good time to visit the Canary Islands?

Yes, any month is a good time to visit the Canaries.

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