Lanzarote Weather in April - What temperatures to expect?

Published on March 14, 2023
LanzaroteWeather in Lanzarote
Lanzarote weather april
Paragliding over Famara beach at sunset

Starting in April, the chances of rain in Lanzarote start to drop considerably and the weather is perfect for sunbathing, as well as for walking about while visiting the island.

April can also be considered one of the more quiet months of the year in terms of visitors - it's not quite summer yet, but the weather in continental Europe starts to improve, so April can be a perfect month to visit Lanzarote if you want to avoid the big crowds. Also, by the time April comes around, most people who come to Lanzarote to avoid the cold winter will go back home, which is another reason why we think April is a good month to go on holiday to Lanzarote.

Weather in Lanzarote in April

The average temperature in April in Lanzarote is 19.5°C, but during the daytime temperatures will usually be around their mid 20s°C. You can easily spend your days on the beach without being too hot as is the case with months like July or August.

With around 255 monthly sunshine hours, April is the perfect month for a getaway under the Canaries sun, before the summer crowds start to arrive.

Temperatures in Lanzarote in April

The average high temperature in April in Lanzarote is around 23.5°C, while at night you can expect temperatures of around 16°C.

  • Average high temperature: 23.5°C (74.3 °F)
  • Average low temperature: 15.7°C  (60.3 °F)
  • Daily mean temperature: 19.6°C  (67.3°F)

In Lanzarote, the daily mean temperature is 19.6°C in April, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 23.5°C and the average low of 15.7°C. 

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in Lanzarote in April (at the Airport station) was 36.3°C and the lowest was 9.5°C.

Temperatures are similar between all major resorts in Lanzarote: Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise.

In April 2022, the highest temperature recorded in April at the Airport station in Lanzarote was 25°C (77°F), well above the average for the month.


  • Average rainy days (>=1mm): 1

Does it rain in Lanzarote in April?

Compared to the month of March in Lanzarote, in April the chances of raindrop by more than half - from 12 mm rainfall in March to 5.2 mm rainfall in April. 

Most of the rain in April falls in a single day, so chances are big that you will have a dry and sunny holiday during this month.

However, exceptions can always occur and the chances of rainfall drop as the month goes forward, so if you want you can delay your holiday for the last 2 weeks of April, to improve your chances of good weather.

Sunshine hours

Lanzarote gets an average of 8.5 hours/day of sunshine in April. You will have plenty of time to hit the bars and also lounge by the pool or on the beach, while the days become longer compared to previous months.

Sea temperature

  • Average sea temperature in April in Puerto del Carmen: 18.8°C / 65.8°F

Can you swim in Lanzarote in April?

With an average of 18.8°C / 65.8°F, the sea might not be warm enough for most people to go swimming, although this depends on each person's tolerance. If you don't think you can handle this kind of sea temperature, it would be best to book a villa or a hotel with a heated pool.

What's Lanzarote like in April

Is Lanzarote hot in April?

This is a common question for most people planning a first trip to the island during this month, as everyone is coming to the Canaries in search of warm and sunny weather.

The data below is from the weather station at Lanzarote Airport. They represent the weather averages for the month of April.

April Weather Averages  Lanzarote Airport
Average high temperature 23.5°C (74.3°F)
Daily mean temperature 19.6°C (67.3°F)
Average low temperature 15.7°C (60.3°F)
Mean monthly sunshine hours 255
Percent possible sunshine -
Mean monthly daylight hours 393
Average Ultraviolet index 9
Average sea temperature 18.8°C / 65.8°F

Source: AEMET - Agencia Estatal de Meteorología

Things to do in Lanzarote in April

We believe that April is a good month to visit some of Lanzarote's attractions, as you can avoid the big queues that form during the summer months.

Timanfaya National Park - A Must-See in Lanzarote

lanzarote timanfaya park
Timanfaya National Park, a great place to visit in Lanzarote

The journey through Timanfaya National Park is beautiful no matter the season and in April it will be definitely less crowded than in summer. If you're in Lanzarote for the first time, you should not miss a visit to Timanfaya National Park, which is one of the natural symbols of the island.

Jameos del Agua

jameos del agua lanzarote
Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

Jameos del Agua is one of the works of Cesar Manrique and a great place to visit. You can book a tour or you can hire a car and explore on your own. Jameos del Agua is one of the most gorgeous attractions in Lanzarote, a combination of an art and cultural center located in a series of lava tubes. The complex also has a restaurant, a wonderful pool (unfortunately you can't swim in it) and a museum.

Events in April

Holy Week and Easter 2023

  • Semana Santa 2023 (Holy Week): Sun, Apr 2, 2023 - Sat, Apr 8, 2023

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the week before Easter and in 2023 it will be celebrated at the beginning of April. This is a week of great importance in Spain and there are lots of religious celebrations throughout the island. Semana Santa is also a time when lots of visitors come to the island for their Easter holiday, so prices might go up during this period.


FAQ about Lanzarote weather in April

Is Lanzarote hot in April?

With temperatures in the mid 20s°C, Lanzarote is quite warm in April, although not as hot as during the summer months. You can expect temperatures around 23 to 25°C during the daytime.

Can you sunbathe in Lanzarote in April?

Yes, you can definitely sunbathe in Lanzarote in April, so make sure to use sun cream to protect your skin from sunburn.

Is Lanzarote too cold in April?

No, Lanzarote is not cold in April, the weather is warm enough for sunbathing, lounging by the pool and even swimming in the ocean if you're brave, as most people find the sea temperature too low to go in for a swim.

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