CINEMA will be theme for the 2024 Carnival in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Published on September 13, 2023
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 corralejo carnival 2024 theme

La Oliva City Council informs the online voting regarding the theme of next year's carnival in Corralejo has ended and 581 have participated. 

The carnival groups of the municipality of La Oliva proposed four allegories for the next carnival: 'Cinema', '4 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air)', 'Art' and 'Mythological Beings'.

The choice of the theme was carried out through a democratic and transparent process, and the results are as follows: 'Cinema' with 34.4% of the votes; 'Mythological Beings' with 33.6%; '4 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air)' with 27.9%; and 'Art' with 4.1%.

The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, expressed his gratitude to the community for its active participation in this vote and highlighted the importance of this event for the municipality. "The Carnival of Carnivals is one of the most significant events in our municipality, and the choice of the allegory means the start of the organization of this great event," declared Mayor Blanco.

From the Department of Celebrations of the City Council of La Oliva, directed by Omaira Saavedra, we also thank all the participants in the vote for their contribution to the choice of the theme that will define the next Carnival of Carnivals.

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