La Oliva City Council working on two new parking areas in Corralejo

Published on October 18, 2023
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new parking corralejo fuerteventura

The mayor, Isaí Blanco, indicated that “we are already working on the procedures to allocate two municipal lots to cover the population's need for parking, and at the same time compensate for the fact of allocating the La Bocaina parking lot for the creation of 81 public homes.”

La Oliva City Council is working on parking alternatives in Corralejo, a need that the local population has had for a long time, and that the municipal government group intends to resolve, said the mayor, Isaí Blanco, after visiting   La Bocaina parking lot, with the first deputy mayor, Julio Santana.

By dedicating this lot to the promotion of public housing, Blanco indicated, “the idea is to create two new parking areas in Corralejo, so that at the end of both actions, we will have managed to offer residential alternatives to the population, and at the same time expand the parking availability in the town.”

According to the First Deputy Mayor, Julio Santana, “the creation of these 81 affordable rental homes will provide a solution to the great demand for long-term rental housing. We hope, in turn, that this initiative will contribute to the reduction of the current price of the housing stock that exists in our town.”

“As for the need to have more parking spaces in the town of Corralejo, we are fully aware of this problem. “We are committed to finding effective solutions to ensure our residents have convenient access to parking.”

In line with municipal policy, the campaign to remove abandoned vehicles in the municipality will continue. It is also intended to organize current parking spaces more efficiently. The mayor of La Oliva City Council added: “we will work tirelessly to carry out these two projects, which will generate a significant number of new parking spaces for our community.”

The two proposed parking areas are located, one in the vicinity of the Guaguas Station, and the other on Palangre Street, where the old Caaf warehouse was located. This choice is due to the fact that “they are two municipally owned plots, and thus we can dispose of them more quickly,” explained the mayor.

There are already parking spaces on the lots next to the Bus Station, so this is an expansion of the public parking lot. As for the Palangre Street site, it will be necessary to move the Water Consortium's offices to another location. For all this, the mayor has the commitment of the Department of Urban Planning, headed by David Hernández.

The mayor pointed out that construction cannot be done in the area around the Bus Station due to regulations, and therefore, since they are very large plots, “it seems like an ideal location.”

Considering the growth that Corralejo has experienced, it is necessary to move industrial facilities out of the urban center.

Although the lack of housing and parking that the municipality of La Oliva has will not be solved overnight, “the important thing is to have clear ideas, and to walk with a firm step to solve the problems that citizens pose to us, working hard from the beginning of the mandate, and meeting the deadlines that the administration inevitably has,” Isaí Blanco said.

new parking corralejo fuerteventura
New parking planned in Corralejo, Fuerteventura - Image source: Ayuntamiento La Oliva
new parking corralejo la oliva fuerteventura
New parking planned in Corralejo, Fuerteventura - Image source: Ayuntamiento La Oliva
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