Fuerteventura firefighters and emergency personnel return home after helping in the battle against the fire in Tenerife

Published on August 24, 2023
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The emergency personnel team sent to Tenerife from Fuerteventura returned to the island yesterday after helping to extinguish the fire declared in Tenerife a week ago.

The contingent made up of vehicles and professionals from all the services of Fuerteventura, under the coordination of the Cabildo, returned after collaborating since last August 18 in extinguishing the fire, with eighteen-hour days, as well as in the protection of homes and safety of people.

The troops were received by the president of the Cabildo, Lola García, the mayor of Puerto del Rosario, David de Vera, the Security Councilor, Paloma Hernández, as well as David Herrera and Raimundo Dacosta as councilors for the Tuineje and Pájara area, respectively. Other municipal representatives were also present.

The president of the Cabildo, Lola García, and the councilor Paloma Hernández recognize the great work of the emergency team and appreciate the rapid action of the different municipalities to have personnel and material resources.

Fourteen troops were part of the team sent to Tenerife, of which six are members of the Cabildo Service, two from the municipality of La Oliva, three from Puerto del Rosario, one from Tuineje and two from Pájara. It also consisted of six vehicles including fire trucks, a logistics van, a command vehicle, and rescue vehicles.

The urban part of the fire, where this team was working, has already been contained, so the professionals are being replaced by other groups and teams.

During this extraordinary service, all high-risk situations such as protecting the homes in the affected area, ember actions, as well as technical inspections of affected structures, have been carried out normally.

The Majorero device carried out its tasks, above all, in El Sauzal and Santa Úrsula, for which the mayors of said municipalities thanked and congratulated the work to protect homes since no material losses have been detected in the fire.

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