Tenerife to Invest €1 million in Public Toilets at Teide National Park

Published on May 14, 2024
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Cabildo of Tenerife will invest approximately one million euros in the construction of a building for public toilet services at the end of the parking lot in the La Ruleta-Roques de García area, seeking the adaptation and blending of the building into the environment and adapting to the natural topography of the land.

The Minister of Natural Environment, Sustainability and Security and Emergencies, Blanca Pérez, points out that the objective “is to improve the quality of the visit to this point of the park, providing it with essential facilities. The new infrastructure will be accessible and blend in with the environment and will prevent the dispersion of organic waste in the area. With this addition, we try to serve the needs of the people and the conservation of the good condition of the Teide National Park.”

In this way, toilets will be built located at the end of the La Ruleta car park. The toilet services project is based on the idea of ​​adaptation and blending of the building with the landscape, respecting the environment and trying to reduce the environmental impact in the area as much as possible. Therefore, the building will adapt to the natural topography of the land. The main use of the building will be for hygienic services, understanding the interior spaces as accessible and non-discriminatory for all visitors. In this way, the new facility will have two unisex toilets, as well as ostomy-friendly restrooms. In addition, the interior layout will have rooms and closets for installations and cleaning.

To achieve the greatest efficiency and the lowest environmental impact, a route will be made for the channeling of the facilities that will connect the toilet rooms with the Cañada Blanca Visitor Center. This route, carried out through ditches, accompanies the natural terrain and adapts to the existing pipelines.

Due to the required adaptation to the environment and respect for the environment in which the project is located, the materials used will be those existing in the area, covering the facades with faceted stone masonry, ceramics and non-slip concrete floors, which reduce the risk of falls.

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