High Court of Justice suspends the obligation to show a COVID certificate in hospitality on islands at level 4

Published on July 29, 2021
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The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands has agreed to suspend several of the measures adopted by the Government of the Canary Islands against the pandemic on July 26, including the total closure of commercial activity between midnight and 6 am on islands placed at level 4 and the requirement to show a Covid certificate in order to have access to the interior of hotels, hotels and other establishments such as gyms, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and cultural spaces.

The Government of the Canary Islands had imposed the total closure of establishments between 00.0 and 6.00 and the need of a covid certificate or negative diagnostic test in coronavirus in order to stay in the interior spaces of bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and cultural spaces on the islands placed at level 4, which at the moment only applied in the case of Tenerife, the only one placed at the maximum level. The Court has decided to suspend both these restrictions as it appreciated a possible violation of fundamental rights in these measures aimed to stop the spread of covid.

Inside hotels, bars and restaurants the capacity limit "is set at 50% both in level 3 and level 4 and without being able to demand or take into account the possession or absence of a COVID-19 certificate".

The Court's decision gives the Government of the Canary Islands three business days to make its allegations regarding the maintenance, modification, or revocation of these restrictions. This means that next week the Court will decide whether to maintain its current decisions or to modify them in view of the arguments of the legal services of the Government.

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