Holi Lanzarote 2023 - Hindu Festival in Puerto del Carmen

holi lanzarote 2023

This is an annual event in the resort of Puerto del Carmen, organized by the Hindu community. HOLI is celebrated to welcome spring with lots of colors. It means the victory of good over evil.

 On this day everyone will enjoy playing with colors (which will be sold on the event) and water. People celebrate it by playing, singing, dancing, drinking and eating typical dishes of India. There will be Indian food on sale.

Holi Lanzarote 2023 - Hindu Festival in Puerto del Carmen: 26 March 2023

  • Hours: Starting from 12:00 PM until 20:00
  • Location: Plaza de las Naciones
  • Entry: FREE

The event is meant for the entire family, both children and adults.

The main thing about this event is it brings plenty of colors on the streets of Puerto del Carmen.

Every year, India celebrated the arrival of Spring with lots of colors. We celebrate it by singing, dancing, drinking and eating typical food from India. Color packets and Indian gastronomy on sale at the event.

Bring your most colorful clothes and come for a day of Indian food, street music and dancing.

You will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy traditional Indian dishes and drinks, prepared with great care by local chefs from the Hindu community in Lanzarote.

holi lanzarote 2023
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