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Published on February 11, 2022
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Although there has been no change in alert levels this week and all Canary Islands stay at their current level for one more week, the Government has decided to relax the rules and restrictions for each level, despite the fact that the hospital pressure continues to be high.

The Government Council of the Canary Islands agreed in its meeting on Thursday to continue with relaxing the measures put in place for each alert level, so the new rules will be applicable from 00:00 on February 11, 2022 until midnight on March 10, 2022, with the possibility of extension depending on the epidemiological situation.

So what are the main changes in alert levels in the Canary Islands?

The agreement reached by the Government means the suspension of the restrictive measures that were applied on the islands in alert level 4, where the level 3 measures will go into force. In the same way, on the islands that are now in level 3, the measures applied will correspond to level 2 and when some of the islands will move to level 2, the measures from level 1 will apply. 

The relaxation of measures at a level lower than that established one on each island affects all activities and establishments subject to limitations due to the pandemic.

Maximum people in a group

In this way, it is established that groups of people in spaces for public and private use, closed or outdoors, must be of a maximum of :

  • 12 people, except cohabitants, at alert levels 1 and 2;
  • 8 people, except cohabitants, at alert level 3,
  • 6 people, except cohabitants, at alert level 4.

Closing times

The new closing times for establishments are as follows:

  • 04:00 h at alert level 1 and 2;
  • 03:00 h at alert level 3,
  • 02:00 hours at alert level 4

Maximum capacity in bars, restaurants, hotels

  • At levels 1 and 2 the capacity will be 100% outdoors and 75% indoors, the tables may be occupied by a maximum of 12 people and the maximum closing time of the premises is established at 04.00 hours;
  • At alert level 3, the capacity will be 75% outdoors and 50% indoors, the tables will be occupied by a maximum of 8 people and the closing will be before 03:00;
  • At alert level 4, the capacity will be 75% on terraces and 40% indoors, the tables will be occupied by a maximum of 6 people and the closing time of the establishment will be 02:00.
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