Over 1 million international tourists visited the Canary Islands in March

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The Canary Islands received 1.1 million international tourists in March 2022, being the first time when the archipelago exceeded the one million tourists barrier since the pandemic started. 

This number means that the Canaries have received 11 times more tourists in March 2022 compared to March 2021, when only 100,525 international have visited the islands.

Spain as a whole was visited by four million international tourists in March, which means a 720.5% increase compared to March 2021. It still means that Spain hasn't reached to pre-pandemic figures in terms of visitor numbers, since the 2022 figure is 1.6 million below the number of international visitors registered in March 2019. 

Almost 3 million tourists visited the Canary Islands during the first three months of 2022

2.9 million international tourists visited the Canaries during the first quarter of the year, meaning that the archipelago accounted for 27.9% of the total number of arrivals in Spain during this time, followed by Catalonia with 17.5% and Andalusia accounting for 15.1% of visitors.

However, the Canaries have not yet reached the pre-pandemic figures, given that the number of visitors is 16.1% below March 2019 and the spending is also 3.6% below.

The top three countries that sent visitors to Spain during the first three months of 2022 were the UK, Germany and France.

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