Starting from today, establishments in the Canary Islands can request the Covid certificate to enter their premises

Published on December 10, 2021
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Friday, December 10th, is the first day when the Covid certificate comes into effect in the Canary Islands and establishments can request it in order to allow customers to enter their premises.

The establishments (bars, restaurants, gyms, etc) that decide to request the certificate will take advantage of the restrictions (capacity and hours) corresponding to one level lower than the one on their island. 

So the bars and restaurants that will decide to implement this measure of asking for a valid Covid certificate, will be subjected to restrictions in terms of opening hours and capacity that are valid to one level lower than the one currently active on their island. 

For islands that are placed at level 1, asking for the Covid certificate would not bring any advantage. 

For islands that are placed at level 2, which will likely be the case for Tenerife and Gran Canaria, asking for the Covid certificate would mean that those establishments would still be allowed to stay open and have the same capacity as in level 1. 

For Fuerteventura, which is the only island currently at level 3, asking for the certificate would mean they can abide by the capacity and opening hours rules corresponding to level 2. 

Establishments will not be forced to request the Covid certificate, they can do it voluntarily if they want to extend their opening hours and capacity.

The Covid certificate can be issued either for people who have been fully vaccinated, who have a recent negative test result (48 h prior for antigen test or 72 h prior for PCR test) or for people who have recovered from Covid.


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