Summer Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz 2020

Tenerife carnival

Besides the main carnival in Puerto de la Cruz, the city also hosts another big event which marks the end of summer with a big series of celebrations. According to the City Council, more than 15,000 people pass through Puerto de la Cruz during the four days of the carnival.

Carnaval de Verano Puerto de la Cruz 2020 - Summer Carnival Puerto de la Cruz: 3 - 6 September 2020

The 2020 edition of the summer carnival in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, will take place from Thursday until Sunday, between September 3 and September 6, with lots of musical groups, artists, batucadas, murgas and orchestras participating in the event in order to entertain the audience. 

This carnival is organized over the course of four days, so it's a good opportunity to have a good time while on holiday and many people will travel to Puerto de la Cruz in order to take part in the event.

The authorities have already announced the dates for this year's edition of the summer carnival. The weather will probably be much more favorable in September compared to the weather during the carnival in February/ March, so spectators will be able to fully enjoy the shows without the danger of rain or storms.

The schedule for the 2020 summer carnival in Puerto de la Cruz will be announced soon.

We will update this page with the full schedule of events.

You can also read more about the latest edition of the International Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz, where the dates and the theme have already been announced.

Did you know that the carnival in Puerto de la Cruz is of international importance and also the second largest on the island after the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival?

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