Puerto de la Cruz Carnival 2020

The town of Puerto de la Cruz has already announced the dates and the theme for their carnival in 2020.

Source: Fiestas Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz Carnival 2020 Dates: 16 February - 1 March 2020

  • The theme will be Musicals. So do your research about the most famous musicals of all time and bring a costume inspired by your favourite one. Or simply buy a wig or a colourful costume and join in the fun, as this is the most important part of the carnival: the atmosphere on the streets.

Events and schedule for the 2020 carnival in Puerto de la Cruz:

  • 8 Feb - Inauguration of the carnival in Puerto de la Cruz
  • 16 Feb - Gala Infantil
  • 20 Feb - Gala de la Reina Adulta - Election of the Carnival Queen
  • 22 Feb - Cabalgada Anunciadora - Parade to announce the carnival
  • 23 Feb - Carnaval de Dia - Daytime Carnival - Costume contest
  • 24 Feb - Lunes de Carnaval
  • 25 Feb - Martes de Carnaval
  • 26 Feb - Duelo and Burial of the Sardine
  • 27 Feb - German Reception
  • 28 Feb - Mascarita Ponte Tacon - men's marathon in high heels, a representative event for the town's celebrations
  • 29 Feb - Coso Apoteosis - Big Parade of the Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz
  • 1 March - Pinata

Remember that the town of Puerto de la Cruz also celebrates another summer carnival, which usually takes place in September.

Coming to island during the carnival in Puerto de la Cruz and wondering how the weather will be?

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