Aemet issues warning regarding intense rainfall in the Canary Islands

Published on March 21, 2024
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A DANA (Isolated Depression at High Levels), which has been moving south through the west of the Iberian Peninsula, will be located over the Canary Islands starting from Friday, remaining stationary in that position at least until Sunday.

The presence of the DANA will generate atmospheric instability in the archipelago, which will give rise to probable showers locally strong and accompanied by storms, starting on Friday and lasting throughout the weekend.

Due to the uncertainty that characterizes this type of situation, it is difficult to specify the most affected areas, as well as the duration of the episode.

The heaviest showers will most likely begin on Friday afternoon, affecting
especially the eastern islands, where they could be locally strong, without ruling out that they also affect the midlands facing the southeast of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Saturday is likely to be the most adverse day, with widespread showers, accompanied by storms, which will be most likely intense and persistent in the north of the mountainous islands.

The rainfall is expected to spread from west to east during the day, without ruling out occasional hail, while snow levels will be situated at around 2000-2200 m. In addition, winds will blow from the north with strong intervals and very strong gusts on the mountainous islands, which will especially affect north-facing midlands and the mountain peaks in the western province.

On Sunday the instability will continue, although it is likely that the DANA will begin to move away from the Islands, so the showers are expected to be less intense compared to Saturday, tending to subside on Monday. However, there is a high uncertainty regarding the position and the evolution of the DANA, so it currently cannot be ruled out that the episode could extend.

aemet warning intense rainfall canary islands march 2024
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