Corralejo Carnival 2022 - Dates & Events (To Be Announced)

Carnival fuerteventura

Out of all the carnivals in Fuerteventura, the carnival in Corralejo is probably the most expected one of all.

Will there be a carnival in Corralejo in 2022?

  • Corralejo carnival theme in 2022: to be announced

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there are no large events currently scheduled to happen in Fuerteventura, but everyone hoping that things will improve by 2022 so that the next edition of the carnival will be celebrated as usual in Corralejo once again.

In recent years, the theme was chosen by an online popular vote, so we'll have to wait and see how it will be for the upcoming edition.

In 2020, the carnival in Corralejo was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic, like many other carnivals in the Canary Islands and the Ayuntamiento (City Council) has not announced yet the dates for the 2022 carnival in Corralejo. 

There is no way to know how events of this type will take place in the future, as most events in Europe have been cancelled since March and most big summer festivals and events have been cancelled as well since large crowd gatherings are still banned in most countries. 

The main events during the carnival in Corralejo

  • El Pregon: to be announced
  • Election of the Carnival Queen: to be announced
  • Day & Night Carnival: to be announced
  • Kids' Queen Gala: to be announced
  • Gala Drag Queen: to be announced
  • Festive Day: to be announced
  • Carnival of the Elderly: to be announced
  • Dance Day / Dia de Danzas: to be announced
  • Children's Party: to be announced
  • Coso de carnaval de Corralejo / Main parade in Corralejo: to be announced
  • Burial of the sardine / Entierro de la sardina: to be announced

Drag Queen Gala in Corralejo

One of the most anticipated carnival events is the Gala Drag Queen, which is an event that already has more than twenty years of history, as it began only one year after the first drag gala in the Canary Islands, which was the one of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1998.

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