Electric scooters will be required to have insurance in Spain

Published on June 10, 2024
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The Council of Ministers in Spain approved the automobile insurance bill, which for the first time mandates that electric scooter owners must have liability insurance.

Additionally, a registry for these types of light vehicles will be established and must be operational by January 2, 2026.

Furthermore, a significant number of machines, such as agricultural or construction equipment, will now be classified as motor vehicles. Consequently, their owners will also be required to have compulsory automobile insurance. This measure aims to facilitate conflict resolution in the processing of claims.
Specifically, any vehicle that can reach a maximum manufacturing speed of over 25 kilometers (km) per hour or has a net weight exceeding 25 kg and a maximum manufacturing speed of more than 14 km/h will now be considered a motor vehicle.

The text transposes a European directive and modifies the law on civil liability and insurance in motor vehicle circulation, as well as the law on the organization, supervision, and solvency of insurance and reinsurance companies, according to a statement from the Ministry of Economy. The bill will now be sent to the Congress of Deputies for parliamentary processing.

Improvements in Compensation for Traffic Accident Victims

The regulation enhances the coverage, compensation, and safety of victims of accidents caused by motor vehicles by providing a "clearer and broader" definition of vehicles that must have mandatory civil liability insurance.

Specifically, it introduces improvements in compensation for victims by seeking to streamline the assessment procedure and avoid judicial proceedings, allowing for any alternative extrajudicial conflict resolution methods.

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