Fiestas del Pino 2018 in Punta Mujeres, Lanzarote

Event in Lanzarote September 2018

Program of the Fiestas del Pino 2018 in Punta Mujeres: August 31st - September 9th

Friday, August 31st

11: 00h.- Ping Pong Championship

18: 00h.- Parade animated by Gigantes and Cabezudos and entertained by the Charanga Los Gruñones

20: 30h.- Draw and start of the Women's Ball Championship
23: 00h.- 'Punta en Blanco with Glamor'. Night with DJ Furre and Javi Fajardo (it is recommended to come dressed in white) 

Saturday, September 1st

10: 30h.- Veteran Football. Haria Club de Fútbol, ​​Costa Norte and Punta Mujeres Football Club. @ Municipal Field of Haría

16: 00h.- Swim Crossing to Punta Mujeres

18: 30h.- XX Romeria. Please come dressed in traditional clothing and be punctual. The use of music other than the pilgrimage is not allowed

22: 00h.- Baile del Romero. Son del Norte, Parranda Janubio and Grupo Acuarela (Gran Canaria). 

Sunday, September 2nd

Motor Day: If you have a classic car or a classic motorbike, it's your day. Come and participate in the event

11: 30h.- Arrivals of Rally Cars and 4 × 4

12: 00h.- Arrivals Classic Cars

13: 00h.- Classical Motorcycle Arrivals

13: 30h.- Performance Dj Furre

14: 00h.- Synchronized Swimming Exhibition

17: 30h.- 'Toc-toc' El Recadero. Treasure Hunt for Teams (minimum 4 people). It is indispensable mobile phone

19: 00h.- Draw and start of the Envite Championship

21: 00h.- El Peliculazo: Cinema for all audiences

22: 30h.- Cinema for adults

Monday, September 3rd

11: 00h.- Children's Games. Young Point

18: 30h.- Gymkana for all ages

19: 00h.- Draw, Start and Finish Domino Championship

19: 30h.- Draw, Start and Finish Championship Round

20: 00h.- Draw and Start Male Ball Championship

21: 00h.- Pass of Models. Collaborate Boutique Amanda

Tuesday, September 4th

11: 00h.- Children's Games. Young Point

11: 30h.- Soccer 3 x 3

17: 00h.- Confectionery Contest. May good taste reign in your life

17: 30h.- Personalize your cup. Breakfast cups decoration workshop
17: 30h.- Draw, start and end of the Cinquillo Championship and then draw, start and end of the Chinchón

18: 00h.- Children's Championship (up to 17 years) of Bola Canaria

21: 30h.- Play Back adults

Wednesday, September 5th

11: 00h.- Children's Games

12: 00h.- Mini Moto GP. Meeting of children riders in the field of Teleclub

17: 30h.- Emergency Day: Firemen's Truck, Local Police Car, Local Police Motorcycles, Ambulance, Crowded Vans and exhibition of anti-drug dogs of the Civil Guard and Civil Protection of Haría

19: 30h.- Workshop of Latin dances and kizomba by the dance school Lovely Dance

21: 00h.- Popular Asadero and Decoration of your Marine Table 'Come with yours and enjoy with your people'. The best decorated table will be awarded. Next, performances from Los Valles and Son del Norte
To reserve a table, call 610 222 276

Thursday, September 6th

11: 00h.- Children's games. Young Point

12: 00h.- Water Day: Cucaña and Natación

5:00 pm.- Bingo Surprise

7:00 pm.- Continuation of the Envite Championship

21: 30h.- Play Back for children and youth

Friday, September 7th

11: 00h.- Children's Games.

11: 30h.- Mini Triathlon for Children and Youth (indispensable Bike) individually and by teams. Up to 17 years

16: 30h.- Basketball Tournament 3 × 3

20: 00h.- Draw and Start Trick Championship

21: 00h.- Gala: 'Love Dance'. Talent Show by the Latin Dance School El Norte Dance

23: 00h.- Popular Verbena enlivened by Los Conejeros and Nayimbe. 

Saturday, September 8th

12: 00h.- Vela Latina Regatta

13: 30h.- Concert of the Kardomillo Group

7:00 pm.- Continuation of the Envite Championship

19: 15h.- Mass with Alborada and Procession accompanied by the Municipal Band of Teguise

21: 00h.- First Folkloric Meeting Fiestas del Pino: Malpaís de la Corona and Acoidán (Tenerife)

23: 30h.- Popular Verbena enlivened by Los Conejeros and Rika Banda.

Sunday, September 9th

12: 00h.- Giant mattress

12: 30h.- ZONE 1 (Wharf) Party PM: Water party entertained by Los Conejeros, Dj Furre and Dj Javi Fajardo

13: 00h.- ZONE 2 (Ventorrillos) Fiesta de la Tapa: Jaleo, If it's late we go and Yairis, Yoriel & Yoel

19:00 h.- Continuation of the Trick Championship

21: 00h.- End of Fiesta Gala with the performance of Daniel Moisés, El Sorteazo and Fireworks

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