First day without new Covid-19 cases in the Canary Islands since the start of the pandemic

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Let's also share some positive news, among all this panic and chaos. We will try to find some good news to share from the Canary Islands, from Spain and the entire world, so we can keep up the hope.


1. First day without new Covid-19 cases in the Canary Islands since the start of the pandemic. The regional Ministry of Health reported at eight o'clock last night that the number of cases accumulated since the start of the health crisis remains at 2,231, and not a single new case was detected in the last 24 hours. Of those cases, 869 remain positive, since yesterday up to 33 people had been discharged, the number of recovered persons is now 1,233. Unfortunately, there was one new death, which brings the total to 143 patients who have passed due to coronavirus. (Diario de Avisos)

2. Some of the world's largest tour operators are still interested in Fuerteventura as a tourist destination. Executives of the tour operators TUI Europe, Thalasso nº1 France and Jet2 United Kingdom, in addition to the president of Excelfuert and the manager of Asofuer, the main tourist employers on the island, have transmitted to the president of the Cabildo Insular in Fuerteventura their interest in the island as a tourist destination, especially after the good results that the island has shown in managing the Covid19 crisis.  (Noticias Fuerteventura)

3. Lidl increases its support for local suppliers in the Canary Islands. Lidl reaffirms its commitment to the Spanish agri-food industry and specifically to suppliers in the Canary Islands. In a context of difficulty for the regional economy, the company reinforces its commitment to products made in the Canary Islands, thus promoting economic recovery and maintaining employment. (Lancelot Digital)

4. Coronavirus: Summer holidays abroad possible, German official says. The Germans may be able to have summer holidays abroad, the country's tourism chief said, as European nations look at how to handle the summer break. (BBC News)

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