Gáldar Carnival 2021: To be announced

Published on January 14, 2020
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galdar carnival
2020 brings a fresh new edition of the carnival in Gáldar, Gran Canaria

"Tales and fables" will be the allegory of the Carnival in Gáldar in 2020, after the theme was elected with 37% of the votes, by the participants in this online election.

Gáldar Carnival 2021 Dates: To be announced

The theme for 2020 was dedicated to imagination and fantasy, so you can be as creative as you can with your costume for the festivities.

For the second year in a row, the theme of the carnival in Galdar will coincide with the theme of the Las Palmas Carnival in Gran Canaria, which is also focused on fantasy under the name of Once upon a time...

The Council of Culture, headed by Julio Mateo Castillo, invited the citizens to choose the theme of the carnival, and the options were: "Tales and fables", "Las Vegas", "The 80s" and "The world of magic."

Schedule of Events for the Carnival in Galdar 2021

  • TBA: Announcing Parade - The start of the carnival
  • TBA: Drag Queen Gala
  • TBA: Children's Carnival Gala
  • TBA: School Carnival
  • TBA: Carnival Gala for people with disabilities
  • TBA: Grand Carnival Parade in Galdar
  • TBA: Family Carnival
  • TBA: Carnival + Youth
  • TBA: Burial of the Sardine
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