Hiking in Puerto del Carmen - Lanzarote, on Dia de Canarias 2017

In order to celebrate Dia de Canarias (30th May 2017), the Council of Tias invites tourists and residents also, to explore more of the coastline and discover the natural beauty of Lanzarote.

Photo source: Ayuntamiento de Tias website

Hiking from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero - 28 May 2017

Meeting place: Plaza del Varadero/Harbour, Old Town

Time: 10:00

Price: 10 €

Route: Puerto del Carmen - Barranco el Quíquere – Puerto Calero

The return will be by boat. Also included snacks on the windowed terrace of El Fondeadero, with performance of the folklore group Trio Canario.

To register for this event you have to contact: Departamento de actividades de interés municipal, C/. La Luchada, 2

Phone no.: 928833675, extension: 11

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