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Published on May 10, 2024
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Do you plan to visit Vilaflor, the highest village in Tenerife?

Vilaflor is not only the highest municipality in Tenerife and the Canary Islands archipelago, but also one of the highest in Spain. 

As the historical centre of the region of Chasna, Vilaflor has preserved its traditions and picturesque charm thanks to its location high in the mountains on the road to Mt Teide.

The area has also not experienced the same degree of tourist development as the coastal areas have.

Vilaflor has a lot to offer to tourists, starting from a walk through its historic center and followed by numerous hiking trails that offer amazing views and interesting experiences.

What to do and see in Vilaflor, Tenerife

Visit the historic center of Vilaflor

Upon reaching Vilaflor's quaint yet meticulously maintained historic center, we recommend exploring its sites steeped in rich historical significance.

The church of San Pedro Apóstol

The church of San Pedro Apóstol, one of the oldest in the south of the island and whose origin is in the modest chapel that Pedro Soler and his wife, Juana de Padilla, ordered to be built back in 1530.

The Chorrillo Laundries

The public supply of water in Vilaflor de Chasna has been produced, since time immemorial, in the place known as “El Chorrillo”, where the waters of several nearby springs were gathered.

Santuario del Santo Hermano Pedro 

things to do vilaflor tenerife
Santuario del Santo Hermano Pedro in Vilaflor, Tenerife

The history of the temple begins in 1766 with the arrival of the male branch of the Betlemite brothers, who began the construction of a temple in the exact place where the Saint was born.

See the almond trees in bloom near Vilaflor and eat almond cake

almond cake tenerife vilaflor
We had this delicious almond cake and coffee in Vilaflor

Did you know that Vilaflor is located in an area where almond trees grow and you can see them in bloom during the months of January and February?

We enjoyed a nice almond cake with a coffee with cinnamon at one of the small cafeterias on the side of the road and although the place was nothing fancy, the cake was really nice and it's something you should try while visiting Tenerife.

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Go on a hike to see the Lunar Landscape (Paisaje Lunar)

lunar landscape tenerife
Go to Vilaflor to walk through the lunar landscape of Tenerife

PR - TF 72 Camino de Chasna - Lunar Landscape

The PR – TF 72 is a safe, signposted and attractive trail that passes very close to the Lunar Landscape. The PR – TF 72 is part of the Camino de Chasna, a communication route with more than 500 years of history, and begins in the town of Vilaflor itself.

You can read about our experience on the Lunar Landscape hike in Tenerife, as we really enjoyed the views and the entire route.

Pino Gordo

This huge pine tree is said to be centuries old and you can see on the way up from Vilaflor towards Teide National Park. There is even a small parking where you can stop and a signpost with some information about this tree.

Vilaflor is one of those picturesque and beautiful villages in Tenerife up in the mountains and if you decide to hire a car and drive to see Mt Teide on your own, you can take the route through Vilaflor and stop in the village for a while to see a different face of this magnificent island.

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