Where to eat in Las Palmas: 9 Good restaurants to try in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

where to eat las palmas gran canaria

It's probably no secret that Las Palmas is our favourite city in the Canary Islands. One of the reasons why we love Las Palmas so much is the diversity in food culture that the city has to offer since you can find so many great restaurants, from affordable ones to fancy and sophisticated ones. 

Our favorite restaurants in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

On this list, we will only include restaurants in Las Palmas which we've visited at least several times during our recent one-month stay in the city. We've visited other places as well, but these are some of the restaurants where we've gone back most often. 

All links in the post go to the restaurant's page on Google Maps.

1. Corazón de Venezuela

best places to eat las palmas gran canaria
Might not be the best looking plate of food, but it was absolutely delicious

This was our first time trying Venezuelan food, so during our first visit, we opted for the option called Felicidad para todos, which is a platter with a set price per person, where they bring you a mix of dishes, including cachapas, patacones or tequenos. 

We loved the food but what we loved even more was their cocktail named Guarapita, which is made with maracuja (passion fruit) juice and rum. It's really fresh and delicious and we've returned several times here, and some of the times we only stopped for a cocktail during our walks, it was that good.

2. Chiwawa Cantina Mesa y López

best restaurants las palmas gran canaria

There are several of these Chiwawa Cantina restaurants in Las Palmas, and although we visited the one in Vegueta as well, we thought that the food was better at Mesa y Lopez.

We tried the quesadillas and the tacos and we also went for the Guarapita cocktail, which they serve here as well. I think it's not quite as good as the one served at Corazon de Venezuela, but the meal as a whole was tasty, affordable and the service pretty quick.

3. Kim's Pojangmacha

top restaurants las palmas gran canaria

This tiny Korean restaurant was a complete surprise when we first discovered it back in 2020, so we were totally looking forward to go back to Las Palmas so we can have dinner again at this place. 

The owner is also the chef and the menu consists of 4 dishes in total, and although they are all good, our favourite is the Bibimbap and the least favorite is the Korean fried chicken (don't really fancy sweet fried chicken). 

As a couple, we usually order half portions of all 4 dishes and it's enough to split between us for dinner. 

The restaurant is open only for dinner and it's best to book a table, as there are very limited spaces.

4. D'Brasas Grill

affordable restaurants las palmas gran canaria

The absolute best grilled chicken we've had in Las Palmas! Actually, the best grilled chicken in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands in general!

An entire chicken is enough for two people and it's brought to the table still sizzling on a grill with charcoal that keeps it warm while you eat. 

Service is also quick and friendly, they serve good wine and again... they serve a great juicy grilled chicken and that's enough reason to go there for a meal.

5. Restaurante Hermanos García J.M.D.

Unfortunately, I realize we don't have any pictures of this restaurant, although we've visited several times for lunch. Will rectify this next time we visit. 

This is an old and classic place to have lunch in Las Palmas, as it serves the classic "menu del dia". So this was our favourite restaurant to go have a "menu del dia" in Las Palmas.

They have multiple locations and we've had lunch at one of the other, but we preferred the service and food at the restaurant near Plaza de Espana.

The price for a two-course lunch menu in February 2022 when we last visited was 12 Euros per person and it also includes a drink (you could opt for water, a fizzy drink, a glass of wine or beer) and also dessert.

This is the type of restaurant that is full of local people having their usual lunch and it would be useful to know at least a few Spanish phrases. 

6. La Picantina 

where to eat las palmas gran canaria

This is yet another Mexican restaurant we've tried in Las Palmas.

We can recommend their chilaquiles and cochinita pibil and of course their super tasty and fruity Margaritas. 

7. Restaurante King Wok buffet libre

all you can eat restaurants las palmas gran canaria

If for a change you fancy an all-you-can-eat buffet in Las Palmas.... this is the one we can recommend. We've tried others as well, but this one is also conveniently located just a few steps beside the Canteras promenade.

They have a section of dishes that are already cooked and kept warm and they also have a buffet with fresh items, from vegetables to meat and seafood, which you then bring to the grill, so these are cooked on the spot, which is why we recommend this buffet in particular.

They also have a terrace, so it's nice to sit outside for lunch when the weather is nice. 

Of course, as with all the Asian buffets, you will also need to order a drink with your meal.

8. Churreria Astrid

best churros las palmas gran canaria

Churreria Astrid is the place to go if you want good Churros in Las Palmas in the area of Las Canteras.

This place is also where we go if we need to have an early breakfast, as they open at 6 am, when there aren't that many alternatives around. 

It's the type of place where mostly locals eat and have coffee in the morning, but tourists are welcome as well, we were treated very friendly every time.

9. Panadería-Pastelería Pulido, Canteras

best bakery las palmas gran canaria

This bakery was our go-to place for croissants in the morning or sweet cravings. The croissants with filling are actually huge and we usually shared one between us two, since we try not to eat a lot of sugar at once. 

They open early in the morning and it's a popular place to get bread among the locals, as they've been around for many years, originally from Vega de San Mateo, where you can also get their products.

Exploring the many great restaurants in Las Palmas was one of the highlights of our stay in the city

We absolutely loved discovering new places to eat in Las Palmas during our one-month stay in the city during the winter. We loved the diversity in food culture and the fact that we were able to try so many different cuisines. 

We've spent most of our time in the area around and Las Canteras and although we have spent several days exploring Vegueta, Triana and other neighborhoods in the city, most of the restaurants we've frequently visited in Las Palmas are in the area where we were staying. We hope to go back soon to explore even more around the city and try even more restaurants in Las Palmas.

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