Gran Canaria Weather in November - Still Warm Most Of The Time

November is the month when temperatures start to drop and although it's as hot as it was during the summer season, the weather in Gran Canaria is still much great compared to what people living in continental Europe are getting.

The Canary Islands are the closest warm destination to Europe during the winter season and the differences start to show come November. While some parts of Europe might even get their first snow of the season in November, Gran Canaria is still boasting sunshine almost every day, with a daily mean temperature of 21.2°C . This means that during the daytime you can still see temperatures rise up to 24 - 25°C, which means that you will be able to lay on the beach and get a tan, even if you visit the island in November.

November is also when the "swallows" start to arrive to Gran Canaria for the winter season. And by swallows we are not referring to the migratory birds, but instead to people from Europe, mostly from the UK, Germany or Scandinavia, who come to Gran Canaria to spend the winter months here, in order to escape the cold back home. This makes November the start of the second high season of the year in Gran Canaria (the other one is during the summer season). 

Weather in Gran Canaria in November

THE NUMBERS MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE (temperatures, sunshine hours, sea water temperature etc.) ARE FROM GRAN CANARIA AIRPORT WEATHER STATION

The temperatures during the day in November are usually situated between 21°C and 24°C, which is still a good temperature for sunbathing and even swimming, depending on the other weather conditions as well of course.

November also comes with the risk of stormy weather and rainy days, as it marks the change of seasons between summer and winter and it is not usual to get a few wet days throughout this month. The worst weather the Canary Islands have seen in November in recent history has been the Delta tropical storm back in 2005, which has caused damage of hundreds of millions of euros. November 2018 has also seen some rough days towards the end of the month, so keep in mind that it is not usual for these sort of weather conditions to appear in Gran Canaria in November, although the south of the island is also more sheltered from the storms, compared to the north.

In November the percent of possible sunshine is at 54%, so some days may starts as cloudy in the morning, but you will also be able to enjoy hours of sunshine in order to get a tan or relax by the pool. And although you won't get as much sun as in the summer months, the island still sees an average of 6 hours of sun per day (the south will probably have more hours of sun than the north). 

The fact remains that, despite the chances of rain and storms, Gran Canaria will enjoy a much better weather in November than most other European destination, where the beach season usually ends by the end of October. So if you don't want to travel too far away, Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands in general are the safest option you have for a holiday of sun and warm weather towards the end of year.

The south of the island is the ideal place to look for accommodation and we especially recommend that you stay in Puerto de Mogan or somewhere in the area, as that part of the island is considered to be the driest and most sunny part of Gran Canaria.

Temperatures in Gran Canaria in November

The average high temperature in November in Gran Canaria is around 24°C, while at night you can expect temperatures of around 18-19°C.

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in Gran Canaria in November (at the Airport station) was of 34°C and the lowest was of 10°C.

Temperatures recorded in Gran Canaria in November 2018 at LPA (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport)
  • Highest temperature during daytime: 26 °C
  • Lowest temperature during daytime: 20 °C
  • Highest temperature during nighttime: 18 °C
  • Lowest temperature during nighttime: 13 °C

Rain in Gran Canaria in November

  • Average rainfall (mm): 32.41 mm
  • Average rainy days (>=1mm): 4.7

November is similar to the month of January in terms of amounts of precipitation and overall rainy days. The amount of rain will increase in December, which is the rainiest month of the year in Gran Canaria.

The average rainfall in November amount to 32 mm and this occurs during 4 or 5 days throughout the month.

weather gran canaria november
The beaches in Gran Canaria get crowded even in November

Sunshine hours in November

  • Sunshine hours per month in November: 178
  • Sunshine hours per day: 6
  • Percent of possible sunshine: 54%
  • Daylight hours: 330
  • Average UV Index in November: 5

Gran Canaria gets an average of 11 hours of daylight per day in November and 6 hours of sunshine each day on average. It is still possible to sunbathe and swim in November during those days when the sun is out, as the temperatures in the sun are usually much higher than the ones in the shade.

Sea temperature in November in Gran Canaria

  • Average sea temperature in November: 22.3°C

Can you swim in Gran Canaria in November?

With an average temperature of 22.3°C, the water temperature drops by more than 1°C from the previous month, but it is still at a reasonable temperature which allows for comfortable swimming on most days.

Things To Do in Gran Canaria in November

In case the weather is not each day ideal for sunbathing and chilling by the pool we have a few suggestions of things that you could do in order to discover Gran Canaria beyond the beaches in the south.

Visit FIRGAS and explore the north of Gran Canaria

For a change of scenery, why not rent a car at least for a day and drive to Firgas, in the northern part of the island?

This is a lovely small town, situated just 13 km away from the capital of Las Palmas and the main point of attraction is an artificial waterfall right in the middle of the old town.

A short hike to Mirador Mogan

We recommend that you do this short (but steep) hike at sunset, because the view from that viewpoint are simply breathtaking. You just have to head towards the big cliff in Playa de Mogan and on the way you will see a sign that points in the direction of the Mirador.

Events in Gran Canaria in November

Maspalomas Winter Pride

4-10 November 2019

This is an annual event that takes place in Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria. Tickets are available online on the official website.

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