What's the weather like in Tenerife in July - How hot & sunny?

Published on July 13, 2022
TenerifeWeather in Tenerife
Tenerife weather july
July has the perfect weather for exploring Tenerife (beyond the resorts in the south)

July means full-on summer in Tenerife, and this translates to high temperatures, low chances of precipitation and moderate chances of calima.

July and August are the months when Tenerife is visited by families with children who are on their school holiday and also many Spaniards come to the island on their summer holiday. If winter in the Canary Islands is the season when most of the visitors are from the UK, Germany and the Nordic countries, summer is a different story. There are still many foreign visitors, but there are also many Spaniards from the peninsula coming to Tenerife.

If in winter the Canaries have virtually no competition in Europe in terms of warm weather, the situation changes in summer. Greece, Portugal, the south of France, mainland Spain and the Balearics are also hugely popular during the summer months. So you would maybe think that July might be a slow month in Tenerife. Which is totally WRONG!

Summer is still high season in Tenerife and July makes no exception. The weather is pretty much guaranteed to be gorgeous and hot in July in Tenerife, so this is the reason why so many people choose to come here during this month. 

What's the weather like in Tenerife in July

If the month of June in Tenerife is usually warm and pleasant, with low chances of rain, July is even HOTTER and drier, with virtually no chances of precipitation in the south of the island.

July is the month to visit Tenerife if you are after long sunbathing days when the sun is up in the sky from the early morning hours and until late in the evening.

Beware of sunburns and use a factor 50 sun cream, as the UV index gets pretty high in the Canary Islands during summer and your skin will thank you for giving it protection. And don't worry, in July you will get a tan just by walking outside, you don't even have to lounge all day on the beach.

July is also a perfect month for exploring the north, as the weather will be also warm and dry on most days. If months like January or February might prove to be a gamble for spending your winter holiday in Tenerife in the north of Tenerife due to the high chances of precipitation, July is considered a dry month even as far as the north is concerned.

Tenerife South in July 

Beaches in Tenerife South are packed in July, just like you would expect them to be.

Most visitors come here to take full advantage of the warm and gorgeous weather, which translated to spending all day around the pool or on the beach. When you see those videos of people fighting for sunbeds around hotel pools, the highest probability is that they were filmed either in July or August.

Teide tenerife 600 250

So, as a side note: don't throw your towel on a sunbed, only to disappear for hours on end! It's not fair towards other hotel guests to keep your towel sitting on a sunbed when you are not even there to use it. Many hotels also now have sunbed monitors, so if you leave yours unattended for a long period of time, your towel will be removed so that other guests can use the sunbed. 

Temperatures in Tenerife in July

Although Tenerife might not get as hot as some of the other popular summer destinations that we have presented earlier, the temperatures are still around 30°C during the daytime. And at 30°C in Tenerife in July, on a clear sunny day, you will not wish for more - or at least this is the case for us.

The average high temperature in July in Tenerife is around 28°C (82°F), while at night you can expect temperatures of around 20.2°C (68.4°F). During the day, the temperature is just perfect for sunbathing and swimming, while at night it's pleasantly cool. 

  • Average high temperature: 27.7°C (81.9°F)
  • Average low temperature: 20.2°C (68.4°F)
  • Daily mean temperature: 24°C (75.2°F)

In Tenerife, the daily mean temperature is 24°C (75.2°F) in July, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 27.7°C (81.9°F) and the average low of 20.2°C (68.4°F). 

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature recorded in Tenerife South in July was 42.9°C  (109.2°F) and the lowest was 16.8°C  (62.2°F) -  measured at Tenerife South Aiport station.

Do you need a cardigan in Tenerife in July?

This is one of the top questions we get especially from first-time visitors to Tenerife, and it's not just concerning the month of July, but any other month of the year, since people don't know what to expect.

Our advice, for any trip, not just to Tenerife, would be to always bring a carding or a denim jacket with you, since some nights might be breezy or you might perceive the temperatures as cooler than they actually are, especially if you've been in the sun all day. 

Although most people won't use a cardigan or jacket in Tenerife in July, you should have one with you especially if you want to visit the north of the island, where it will probably be cooler than in the resorts in Tenerife south.


  • Average rainfall (mm): 0.1
  • Average rainy days: 0

July is one dry month in Tenerife.

Rain should not be on your mind when thinking of your July holiday to Tenerife. The weather is usually dry and hot and it stays like this throughout August as well.

Sunshine hours

  • Mean monthly hours of sunshine: 295

Tenerife gets an average of 11 hours/day of sunshine in July and it is the sunniest month in Tenerife throughout the year.

Sea temperature

Can you swim in Tenerife in July?

Yes, July is the perfect time to go swimming in Tenerife, as well as the summer months in general.

In July the sea temperature is around 22 - 23 °C, so swimming should be smooth and pleasant wherever you plan to spend your beach day.

The natural pools near Alcala or Los Gigantes are also nice during this time of year, as well as the natural pools in Garachico if you are willing to travel further.

Is Tenerife windy in July?

The summer months are the windiest in Tenerife and in the Canary Islands in general, but the breeze comes as a welcome addition on most days when the weather gets really hot. 

See more info in our detailed article about the wind in Tenerife.

Things to do in Tenerife in July

July is for beach holidays and time spent swimming in the sea or lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand.

But if you want to explore and discover the island beyond Tenerife South, this is a perfect time to do so. You can find plenty of inspiration in regards to how you can spend you days here in Tenerife, but for July this is what we recommend:

Discover the wild beaches of Anaga Rural Park

playa benijo tenerife
Playa de Benijo, a famous wild beach in Anaga, Tenerife - Canary Islands

Summer is the perfect season to explore Anaga Rural Park, go on hikes, and spend time on its wild and beautiful beaches.

During the winter months, the weather can be quite tricky and swimming definitely is not recommended, but you can go there during summer to enjoy these less touristic places. Take care when going into the water, because the currents are strong in this part of the island and swimming is dangerous, plus most beaches don't have lifeguards.

Bajamar Natural Pools

natural pool bajamar tenerife
The natural pool in Bajamar, Tenerife

In winter, the natural pools in Bajamar are often photographed by visitors attracted there by the huge waves that come crashing violently into the rocks.

In summer you can actually enjoy the pools and swim there with all the locals and tourists that gather here.

Maritime Park Cesar Manrique in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We know that Siam Park is great, but if you want to try something different, come to Santa Cruz de Tenerife!

Parque Marítimo César Manrique has 3 saltwater swimming pools in a location that was designed by the famous artist Cesar Manrique.

If during winter these pools can be too chilly to be able to swim comfortably, in summer the park is filled with locals and children. The entrance to the park costs just 5€ (includes also a hammock), so it's super affordable to go in just for a swim.  

Events in July

Siam Nights at Siam Park in July

Lost city siam park
Lost City at Siam Park (children's area)

Only in July and August visitors can have the chance to enjoy a special experience at Siam Park, the best water park in Spain!

Siam Nights are usually organized only on Fridays and Saturdays of July and August and you can experience the same thrilling rides under the magic of the night in Tenerife South.

  • Full-day entrance ticket to Siam Park
  • Experience the biggest man-made wave in the world
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity starts

FAQ about Tenerife in July

Is Tenerife too hot in July?

July is one of the hottest months in Tenerife, along with August. If you like hot weather, with almost guaranteed no rain, then July is ideal for beach holidays in Tenerife.

Is July a good time to visit Tenerife?

July is a good month to visit Tenerife especially if you're after hot beach holidays, where all you do is spend time at the beach or sit by the pool. In July it might be too hot for hiking or cycling, but it's perfect for exploring Tenerife's natural pools and beaches.

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