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Published on October 30, 2017
Gran CanariaThings to do in Gran Canaria

Telde is the second most populated city in Gran Canaria and it used to be the capital of the island before Las Palmas. The town is located in the southeast of the island, just 16 km south of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and very close to the island's airport.

A bit about the history of Telde

The city was founded before 1351, so it's more than 650 years old and it was created by a papal decree given at that time.

Back in the days, the island of Gran Canaria used to be divided in two different kingdoms - Guanartematos - and Telde used to be the center of one of those kingdoms. When the Castillian conquest had concluded in 1483,  a new town was basically erected and it was dedicated almost entirely to the agriculture and to the trade of sugar cane. These activities have transformed Telde in a prosperous town from an economical point of view and the city also become an important part of the island's social and cultural life. 

Visit Telde today - What to do in Telde

A day trip to Telde is a must while in Gran Canaria if you want to get a real feel of the Canarian way of life. The city today is very young, with almost 60% of its population being around the age of 30. The total population of Telde is around 100.000 people.

The old town is still a nice place to visit and to take a walk through the old building full of history.

Telde has one of the largest monumental and cultural complexes in the Canaries, where the simplicity of the Mudejar style is harmoniously  combined with all other architectural styles.

Places to visit and points of interest in Telde

  • Church of Saint John the Baptist - The Church of San Juan Bautista is still at the heart and soul of the city and it's one of the places you have to see in Telde. The facade combines
  • San Juan Municipal Library
  • Casa Museo de Leon y Castillo
  • Hospital Church of St. Peter Martyr of Verona
  • Consistorial houses
  • Plaza Alameda de San Juan Bautista
  • San Juan Urban Park
  • Mini Zoo of Santa Rosalia - a small park on the pedestrian street Licenciado Calderin. You will find here a nice playground for kids and some exotic animals, plus a great number of flora and plants specific to the Canaries.

Fiestas, celebrations and events in Telde

In Spain, there's always something to celebrate and the town of Telde is no exception to this rule. Almost every month of the year brings on a religious ceremony, which is usually a reason of celebration and fiesta for the local people. If you want to learn more about the Canarian way of life and customs and tradition, then participating in one of their celebrations is a good place to start.

The first celebration of the year are all about the carnival season. There lots of Carnivals in Gran Canaria, starting with the one in the capital, which is the biggest event. There is also a carnival in Telde, which is not as big as the one in the capital, but still fun to attend if you are staying in the area.

The month of June brings with it the celebrations of San Juan Bautista, the patron saint of Telde. These festitivies are organized in the historical center, where the Church of San Juan Bautista is located and there's also the big square. These celebrations in honor of Saint John the Baptist marks the official start of summer in Telde. 

In July there's the Fiesta in Honor of Nuestra Senora del Carmen, saint patron of the sailors. A nice maritime ceremony is usually organized on the beach Melenara.

One of the most popular of the traditional festivities is celebrated in August and it's known as La Fiesta de la Traida del Agua. It takes place in the area known as Lomo Magullo and it's been celebrated for over 30 years now.

In September in Telde is celebrated the Bajada del Santisimo Cristo, an image which dates back from the 16th century and which is found in the church of San Juan Bautista. Read more about Bajada del Santisimo Cristo (information available only in Spanish), as Santo Cristo de Telde is highly regarded in all the Canary Islands.

October is the month when the people of Telde are celebrating the Fiestas of San Franciso de Asis. These celebrations are organized in the neighborhood of San Francisco.

In November Telde celebrates the Fiestas of San Gregoria Taumaturgo, which is also the patron of Telde and there's a big procession passing on the streets of the city. The image of San Gregorio is oriented towards the agricultural fields, in order to bring blessing to them and ensure the fertility of the land in the next year.

On the 8th of December there's the fiestas in honor of la Inmaculada Concepcion organized in Jinamar.

This kicks off the season of winter celebrations followed by Christmas in Gran Canaria and New Year's Eve, which can be easily celebrated on the beach, under the warm and sunny sky.

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