Gran Canaria Carnival 2019

Gran Canaria is well known as a great place for partying, so during the Carnival season the island is full of music, energy and colour. Everyone is invited to take part in the festivities and enjoy the free spirit of Gran Canaria!

If you're into partying all night long, then you should definitely considering visiting the island during carnival season.

In 2019 the main events will take place in the capital - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Mogan and Galdar. Several other municipalities organize their own festivities: Ingenio, Aguimes, Telde, Teror, La Aldea.


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival 2019

Dates for the Las Palmas Carnival: February 15th - March 10th 2019

The theme for the carnaval is A night in Rio. You can read more in the page dedicated to the Las Palmas Carnival 2019.

As usual the main events are the big parade and the burial of the sardine, both of them celebrated in the last two days of the carnival.

March 9th 2019 - The Main Parade
March10th 2019 - The Burial of the Sardine 

Mogan Carnival 2019

Dates for the Mogan Carnival: to be announced

This year the theme for the Carnaval in Mogan is set to be chosen soon.

Maspalomas Carnival 2019

 Dates for the Maspalomas Carnival: 14 - 24 March

The theme will be MaspaMoon and you can read more about the program for the event in the dedicated page for the Carnival in Maspalomas 2019.

Galdar Carnival 2019

 Date for the Galdar Carnival: to be announced

All the festivities will take place in Plaza de Santiago (Santiago Square).

Aguimes Carnival 2019

 Dates for the Aguimes Carnival: February 23rd - March 17th 2019

More info is available in the dedicated page of the event.

Telde Carnival 2019

 Dates for the Telde Carnival: 8 - 17 March 2019

The theme of the party is Paris. Read more info in the dedicated page for carnaval de Telde.

All of the Canary Islands have their own celebration, with the Carnival in Tenerife being the largest of them all and also the second largest in the world (only after Rio de Janeiro). The people in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura will also be joining in the celebrations, as this is the carnival season in all the islands of the archipelago.

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