Oktoberfest tenerife

Beer Festival Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2018

EVENTS - September 17, 2018

In 2018, Santa Cruz de Tenerife will celebrate the 6th edition of the Beer Festival, an event in Tenerife that is already a kind of tradition for people in the capital. Performances and music by the following bands: La UniĆ³n, Ni 1 pelo de tonto, Funktastic Band, Overbooking Super 5, 101 Brand ...

Fuerteventura markets

Summer Art Craft Market Tenerife

EVENTS - September 14, 2018

Handicrafts Fair that travels from place to place on the island of Tenerife. You can come here to enjoy Canarian crafts, music and gastronomy. When: September 16th 2018 Location: Avda. Anaga Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Price: Free access Organized by the Santa Cruz City Council and the ...

Events in lanzarote

Lanzarote Carnival 2019 - SOON to be announced

LANZAROTE EVENTS - September 12, 2018

Carnival season is a popular time for the Canary Islands in general - all the islands have big parties during this time and its a great atmosphere for tourists. The 2019 dates for the carnivals in Lanzarote are not out yet. The carnivals usually take place between the months of February and March ...

Lanzarote caleton blanco

3 Hidden and Secluded Beaches in Lanzarote

BEACH GUIDE - December 07, 2017

Lanzarote has a lot to offer in terms of amazing beaches and you don't have to go far to find a nice place where you could spend your day laying in the sun. Although beautiful, the beaches inside the resorts tend to be busy and noisy sometimes, so once in a while you may feel the need to spend your ...

Naturism fuerteventura

Nudism in Fuerteventura

BEACH GUIDE - September 28, 2017

Beaches in Fuerteventura are some of the most amazing in all of Europe, with endless miles of sand, dunes and turquoise waters that will keep you mesmerized. Nudism is allowed all over Fuerteventura, which makes it a naturist friendly destination, but there are 2 exceptions from this rule: nudism is ...

Playa papagayo beach lanzarote

Best Beaches in Lanzarote and La Graciosa

BEACH GUIDE - June 16, 2017

Lanzarote is one of the smaller islands in the archipelago, but you still get plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy, from places that are ideal for relaxing and swimming, to beaches that are suitable for water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. Actually, some of the best beaches in the ...

El medano islas canarias tenerife

101 Beaches in Tenerife: A Complete Guide to Tenerife

BEACH GUIDE - February 28, 2017

Tenerife - the largest of the Canary Islands and the most popular among tourists. With a beautiful weather all year round, Tenerife is a popular beach destination even during the winter months, when temperatures are still in the mid 20s range, especially in the south. If you are wondering what are ...

Corralejo grandes playas fuerteventura

13 Best Beaches in the Canary Islands

BEACH GUIDE - January 10, 2017

The Canary Islands are ideal for holidays in the sun all year round, even during the winter months. We've prepared a list of the best beaches in the Canary Islands, including places from Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. The islands that are situated in the east part of the ...

Corpus christi tenerife

Best Things To Do In La Orotava

THINGS TO DO - August 28, 2018

Almost every time he have visited La Orotava up until now it has been pouring rain, but even so, we loved discovering the town and just walking up and down on its narrow streets. How to get to La Orotava La Orotava is a town in the northern part of Tenerife, close to Puerto de la Cruz and less than ...

Siam park surf competition 2018

10 Best Things to do in the Canary Islands

THINGS TO DO - August 16, 2018

The Canary Islands are one of the most visited destinations in Spain and they are comprised of 7 main islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Each island has its charm and it deserves a separate holiday, so if you're not decided where to go, we ...

Puerto del carmen lanzarote

22 Things To Do In Lanzarote

THINGS TO DO - October 25, 2017

If you're planning a trip to Lanzarote and you want to go out and explore (which you definitely should do), then read our list of the best things to do on the island. Puerto del Carmen Discover the resorts - sightseeing in Lanzarote 1. Puerto del Carmen Puerto del Carmen is the largest and most ...

Tenerife in december canary islands

Tenerife in December - Real photos and things to do


We get this question quite often here at Guide to Canary Islands: what's the weather like in December? How warm will it be? Let's also not forget: which is the warmest Canary Island in winter? Where should I go to get my winter tan? How warm is Tenerife in December? Weather in Tenerife in December ...

Teide tenerife winter

Warmest Canary Island During Winter - Where should you go on holiday?


The Canary Islands have become a very popular destination during the last years, especially during the winter months. Where to holiday in December in Europe Most of continental Europe has cold weather during the winter months, so the Canary Islands represent a great choice for a sunny holiday in ...

Tenerife weather in november 508

Tenerife Weather in November

WEATHER CANARY ISLANDS - September 18, 2018

Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe during the winter months. Why? Well, it's because the Canary Islands are probably the warmest European destination in winter, when the rest of the continent is usually suffering from low temperatures. How ...

La arena beach puerto de santiago tenerife january

Tenerife Weather in February

WEATHER CANARY ISLANDS - September 17, 2018

Tenerife is an all year round destination - people come here for different reasons and during all seasons, for winter is considered high season in Tenerife, because it's one of the places to escape the cold in Europe. How warm is Tenerife in February? The truth is that due to climate changes, the ...

Tipping tenerife

Tipping in Tenerife

TRAVEL ADVICE - September 14, 2018

This is a popular question from people who come on holiday to Tenerife for the first time and don't know what to expect. Do you need to tip in Tenerife? The short answer is: it is not mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated. Tipping in restaurants in Tenerife A 10% tip is more than enough for a ...

Puertito los molinos fuerteventura

Puertito de los Molinos - A well kept secret in ...

BEACH GUIDE - September 14, 2018

Somewhere on the west coast, down south from Cotillo and close to Tefia, lies the small village of Puertito de los Molinos, or El Puertito as some call it. With less than 20 permanent residents, Puertito de los Molinos is often overlooked by tourists coming to Fuerteventura. But if you would like to ...

Holiday deals canary islands

Tenerife Holiday Deals 2018/2019

ACCOMMODATION - September 12, 2018

With warm weather all year round, Tenerife is one of the top choices for holidaymakers in the UK who are looking for a sunny holiday even during the winter months. If you're still debating which resort would be best for your holiday, take a look at our guide on where to stay in Tenerife and maybe it ...

Casa de los balcones la orotava

Casa de los Balcones in La Orotava

THINGS TO DO - September 10, 2018

Interior courtyard of Casa de los Balcones Address: Calle San Francisco, 3, 38300 La Orotava Entrance price: 5 Euros (this includes the audioguide) / Residents get a 50% discount Children under 12 years: free entrance Visiting hours: open every day from 8:30 to 18:30 Parking: free parking for ...

Sotavento beach fuerteventura

7 Best Things To Do in Costa Calma

THINGS TO DO - September 06, 2018

Costa Calma is a small tourist resort in the south of Fuerteventura, which is close to some of the island's most beautiful beaches. The Jandia Peninsula is the perfect place to go and explore massive unspoiled beaches and many locals will tell you that here you'll find the best beaches in ...

Santa cruz de tenerife capital

Public transport and Parking during the Carnival in ...

EVENTS - September 03, 2018

2019 Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: February 27th - March 10th Read all you need to know about the Tenerife Carnival 2019! If you're thinking of coming to Santa Cruz de Tenerife for the carnival you have several choices. If you're on holiday in the south of Tenerife, then you can either: rent a ...

Piramide de arona playa las americas tenerife

Things to do in Playa de las Americas

THINGS TO DO - August 31, 2018

Playa de las Americas - Tenerife's most famous resort, popular for nightlife and partying, a true Mecca for visitors who come to the island not only to lay in the sun all day long, but also to party hard all night long. So if you're after a chilled, quiet and relaxing holiday in Tenerife... Playa de ...

Corpus christi tenerife

The Carpet Museum in La Orotava

THINGS TO DO - August 28, 2018

One of the small and hidden attractions in Tenerife is the Carpet Museum in La Orotava or Museo De La Alfombra. This small museum will give you a glimpse of the making of sand carpets and flower carpets during the celebration of Corpus Christi. The main purpose of the museum when it was founded was ...

Corpus christi tenerife

Best Things To Do In La Orotava

THINGS TO DO - August 28, 2018

Almost every time he have visited La Orotava up until now it has been pouring rain, but even so, we loved discovering the town and just walking up and down on its narrow streets. How to get to La Orotava La Orotava is a town in the northern part of Tenerife, close to Puerto de la Cruz and less than ...

Mercado del agricultor tenerife

Markets in Tenerife

SHOPPING - August 23, 2018

Almost every town in Tenerife has its own market day. Some have a day for the farmer's markets and also a separate market day for crafts, souvenirs and other stuff, including fake bags, watches, clothes etc. If you're looking for info about shopping in Tenerife and you are tired of seeing the same ...

Mercado del agricultor tenerife

El Medano Markets

SHOPPING - August 23, 2018

The are actually two types of markets in El Medano: the farmer's market and the weekend market with souvenirs, crafts and other type of stuff. Farmer's Market in El Medano (Mercado del Agricultor) Every Wednesday, 8 AM - 1 PM in Plaza El Medano A small produce market, selling mostly fruits and ...

El medano islas canarias tenerife

Best Things To Do in El Medano

THINGS TO DO - August 22, 2018

El Medano is one Tenerife's most chilled and laid back resorts, popular among German tourists and surfers. El Medano is located very close to the Tenerife Sur Airport and it's a good base also for travelers who want to explore more areas of Tenerife. If you have hired a car, from El Medano you have ...

Alcala tenerife

Alcala, Tenerife - Things to do, Beach, Hotels and ...

THINGS TO DO - August 22, 2018

Alcala is one of the population center in the municipality of Guia de Isora. Its original settlements are to be found next to a small coastal cove, on top of a flat terrace. It was initially a tiny dwelling area for 52 inhabitants, who lived in 11 single story buildings (this war around the 1850s). ...

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