Packing lanzarote fuerteventura

What to pack for a holiday to the Canary Islands

TRAVEL ADVICE - December 18, 2017

The Canary Islands enjoy a privileged climate all year round, with mild temperatures in winter that allow visitors to spend time on the beach or even swim in the ocean. "What to pack for my upcoming holiday to the Canary Islands?" - this is a questions we get a lot. Followed closely by "Do I need to ...

What to wear tenerife

What to wear in Tenerife - Packing advice

TRAVEL ADVICE - August 28, 2017

Tenerife is advertised as the island of the eternal spring, so people are often confused as for what to pack for their holiday. How differently should you pack for Tenerife in December compared to what you should bring for a holiday in June for example? If you still aren't decided in regards to your ...

Fuerteventura in february

Fuerteventura in February


Fuerteventura is one of the top choices for a sunny winter break if you're from the UK or from the rest of Europe. The Canary Islands are your best choice if you're looking for the warmest winter destination in Europe, where you can sunbathe even in January or February. Weather in Fuerteventura in ...

Weather in lanzarote in january

Lanzarote in January - What's the weather like and ...

WEATHER CANARY ISLANDS - December 16, 2017

When in doubt about where to go for a sunny winter break, Lanzarote is always a good idea. The Canary Islands are our top choice as the warmest destination in Europe during winter, with plenty of hours of sunshine and temperatures that still rise above 20 Celsius during the daytime. Weather in ...

When to visit tenerife

Top 5 Warmest Places To Visit In Europe During Winter

WEATHER CANARY ISLANDS - December 13, 2017

Winter in Europe usually means low temperatures and snow, depending on the country that you're planning to visit. However, if you're not a fan of snow and typical winter weather, there are still a few places in Europe where the temperatures are mild and the weather allows for visitors to enjoy some ...

Tenerife in december canary islands

Tenerife in December - Real photos and things to do


We get this question quite often here at Guide to Canary Islands: what's the weather like in December? How warm will it be? Let's also not forget: which is the warmest Canary Island in winter? Where should I go to get my winter tan? Weather in Tenerife in December If hot and sunny is what's you're ...

Teide tenerife winter

Warmest Canary Island During Winter - Where should you ...


The Canary Islands have become a very popular destination during the last years, especially during the winter months. Where to holiday in December in Europe Most of continental Europe has cold weather during the winter months, so the Canary Islands represent a great choice for a sunny holiday in ...

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