101 Beaches in Tenerife: A Complete Guide to Tenerife

Published on February 28, 2017
TenerifeBeach guide for Tenerife
El medano islas canarias tenerife
El Medano

Tenerife - the largest of the Canary Islands and the most popular among tourists.

With a beautiful weather all year round, Tenerife is a popular beach destination even during the winter months, when temperatures are still in the mid 20s range, especially in the south.

If you are wondering what are the beaches like in Tenerife, our complete guide takes you around the island, starting from Los Cristianos and going along the coast, so you can explore your beach options in Tenerife.

Best Beaches in Tenerife South: Playa Las Vistas, Playa Troya and Playa Fanabe

1. Los Cristianos Beach, Los Cristianos

playa los cristianos tenerife
Playa Los Cristianos

This beach is situated close to the harbour and has all the facilities you can think of. Los Cristianos beach is often frequented by families with kids, since it has a playground nearby and lifeguards on site. The beach itself is protected from waves, therefore it’s safe for swimming on most days. An abundance of restaurants are situated in the immediate vicinity, so you’ll have plenty of choice for lunch and dinner.

By walking towards Arona Gran Hotel you can get to the nudist beach in Los Cristianos called Playa Los Tarajales. Few tourists come here, so you will be able to have your privacy, while enjoying the beautiful views of Montana de Guaza.

2. Las Vistas Beach, Los Cristianos

playa las vistas tenerife
Playa Las Vistas on a winter day

Playa Las Vistas is considered the most beautiful beach in Los Cristianos and the only one with the Blue Flag distinction. It is also the largest beach and it’s well protected by breakwaters, which keep the waves low and the water safe for swimming.

Las Vistas beach is one of the most popular beaches in the south and it’s well connected to the nearby resort of Playa de las Americas through a promenade. There are many amazing hotels close to the beach and you also have access to plenty of bars and restaurants so you will spoiled with choices.

We recommend Los Cristianos as one of the best places to stay in Tenerife for families with children. You have the amazing Las Vistas beach right in the middle of town and from the nearby harbor you can choose to take a trip to the island of La Gomera or you could opt for other boat excursions to explore the coast.

3. Playa del Camison, Playa de las Americas

playa camison tenerife
Playa del Camison

This beach is part of the Playa de las Americas set of beaches, so it’s part of the busiest resort in Tenerife. Compared to other nearby places, del Camison beach is more quiet and less busy, so it’s ideal for a day of total relaxation. The water is always calm, so the only watersport available to practice is paddle boarding.

From Playa del Camison you can easily walk to the nearby Playa Troya or in the other direction towards the town of Los Cristianos.

4. Playa Honda in Playa de las Americas

playa honda tenerife
Playa Honda

A not so popular beach located in the most popular resort on the island. Compared to the other two beaches nearby, Playa Honda does not have the same facilities, so it’s usually a place frequented by surfers. The waves here make this beach more appropriate for water sports that for swimming. It’s still a nice place to admire the ocean and enjoy a cocktail while watching the big waves.

5. Troya Beach in Playa de las Americas

playa troya tenerife
Playa Troya

This is the crown jewel of Playa de las Americas and probably the busiest beach in all of Tenerife. Playa Troya is divided in two sections known as Troya I and II, but they are part of the same man made beach.

Anything you can wish for in regards to an amazing beach experience, Playa Troya has it: sun loungers, umbrellas, lifeguards, great hotels nearby, amazing restaurants and bars, raging parties at night time and a lovely weather during day time.

If you’re looking for a busy nightlife and a fun holiday, then the area around Troya beach is the ideal place to be in Tenerife. Searching for a place to stay shouldn’t be too difficult, since there are so many options, from hotels to private apartment rentals and villas. If you want to party until morning hours, Playa de las Americas is your best bet, as many concerts and parties are organized around this very beach. That’s the reason why many visitors see Playa Troya as the best beach in Playa de las Americas.

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6. Playa del Bobo in Costa Adeje

playa del bobo tenerife
Playa del Bobo

Playa del Bobo is situated between Playa Troya and Playa la Pinta and is is part of the Costa Adeje resort. It is smaller and less populated than Playa Troya, although it is close to many great hotels like the H10 Gran Tinerfe Hotel.

It has all the facilities you may need, like sun loungers and umbrellas, plus a breakwater which keeps the ocean calm and safe for swimming. Playa del Bobo has a more relaxed atmosphere, suitable for families and children.

7. Playa La Pinta in Puerto Colon

playa puerto colon tenerife
Playa La Pinta - Puerto Colon, Tenerife

Playa La Pinta is the beach in Puerto Colon, close to the enormous beach of Fanabe in Costa Adeje. This is a lovely smaller beach, with sunbeds, umbrellas and a breakwater that protects from waves. It is less expensive than the upmarket area of Playa del Duque and more quiet than Playa de las Americas. Playa La Pinta is ideal for families, since it is peaceful and with room for children to play, featuring even an inflatable playground in the ocean water. There are lifeguards on site.

Puerto Colon is a nice place for a family trip, with plenty of choices for boat excursions if you want to explore around. Otherwise, for a day of siesta total, you can try bar hopping and tasting the local beer, with prices starting at 1,5 € for a large glass.

8. Playa Torviscas beach in Costa Adeje

playa torviscas tenerife
Playa Torviscas, Tenerife South

This beach is connected to Playa Fanabe, separated only by a breakwater. Behind the beach there is a beautiful promenade that connects it to Puerto Colon, so you can take a nice walk at sunset while admiring the scenery.

If you prefer a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, while still close to all that’s important, Playa Torviscas is a good place to spend the day. If you want you can also head to Aqualand Waterpark, which is situated very close and it’s a fun day out for the entire family.

9. Fanabe Beach, Costa Adeje

playa fanabe tenerife
Playa Fanabe, Tenerife

Playa de Fanabe is one of the busiest and most popular beaches in Tenerife and the largest one in Costa Adeje. Situated in the south of the island, it is connected through a promenade with the neighbouring Puerto Colon and Playa del Duque.

Playa Fanabe is considered an upmarket area in Tenerife, frequented more by couples looking for a romantic holiday and less by young people looking for some fun. The beach is surrounded by luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants, all in all creating an atmosphere of supreme relaxation.

From the bars on the promenade you can get a spectacular view of the sunset in Tenerife, while enjoying an evening drink.

Also, if you are staying in this area, we have an article about things to do in Costa Adeje.

10. Playa del Duque in Costa Adeje

playa del duque tenerife
Playa del Duque

If you want to go full luxury during your holiday then Playa del Duque is a great choice! Ideal for honeymooners and people looking for some pampering, this area has many 5 stars hotels, with SPA facilities and even all inclusive meal plans.

Playa del Duque is situated right in the middle of the southern resorts, so it’s easy to get to most places: Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and even Los Gigantes to see the big cliffs.

The beach itself has crystal clear waters and golden sand, plus all the amenities for a relaxed day in the sun. All you need is just a stone throw away, starting with shops, restaurants and places to spend the time.

11. Enramada Beach

Enramada beach

Playa de la Enramada is a town beach situated between Costa Adeje and La Caleta. At 350 m long and 20 m wide, it is characterised by black volcanic sand, with small pebbles and gravel. You can find an area with sun loungers and umbrellas at one end of the beach, which was recently renovated. Across the promenade there is mini golf course and if you walk towards the other end of the beach you can go up to a viewpoint from where you can admire the entire Playa de la Enramada.

12. Playa La Caleta de Adeje

Playa la caleta de adeje

La Caleta de Adeje is popular among residents, who usually enter the water straight from the rocks. There is also an iron ladder, which leads right to the water.

This rocky coast of La Caleta is ideal for snorkeling and it is always crystal clear due to the proximity of the rocks. This area is usually quiet, with few tourists around. Nudists sometime come to this beach also, as it is very secluded.

You can find some restaurants around with fresh fish and good seafood.

13. Playa Diego Hernandez

Playa Diego Hernandez

Diego Hernandez beach is accessible only through walking trails or on water, with private tours and boats. This golden sand beach is situated close to La Caleta and it has no facilities whatsoever. Characterised by low occupancy all year long, Playa Diego Hernandez is a remote beach ideal for a quiet day away from the crowds. This is a favorite place for nudists in Tenerife.

For the best experience to Playa Diego Hernandez, locals recommend to make the trip here during low tide, when you can enjoy the full width of this beach. During high tide, the water rises so much that the beach is almost inaccessible.

14. Playa del Puertito

Playa del puertito

This beach is situated in the village with the same name: El Puertito. This is only a small beach with black volcanic sand, frequented almost only by residents of the village. There are some restaurants and bars with fresh food and less expensive than the restaurants in the nearby resorts. El Puertito beach is sometimes frequented by people with boats that come here for fishing and diving.

Due to the quiet nature of the place, some tourists reported that they have encountered turtles in the waters of Playa del Puertito, a unique and different experience in Tenerife.

15. Playa El Pinque

Playa el pinque

A semi urban beach, with dark volcanic sand, very close to Playa del Paraiso area. The place is usually quiet, with not many people around. It has good conditions for swimming, although no facilities on the beach itself and it is not supervised by lifeguards. El Pinque beach has a length of almost 50 m and a width of 20 m.

16. Playa Las Galgas

Playa las galgas

Playa Las Galgas is also known as Playa Paraiso, which is also the name of the town where it is situated. The beach is small and there are no facilities or restaurants nearby. Beach Las Galgas is quiet and not too crowded, compared to other places in the Costa Adeje area. It is nestled between two rock massifs that help protect it from waves, which makes it safe for kids to enter the water. Playa Paraiso, with its fine golden sand is a good place to spend a quiet day. Just bring a towel and something to eat, since you won’t find many options close by.

17. Playa de Ajabo

Playa de ajabo callao salvaje
source: flickr

Playa de Ajabo is also known as Playa Callao Salvaje, located in the town with the same name, in the municipality of Adeje. The beach was refurbished in the recent years so now it’s up to standard and offers plenty of facilities like sunbeds, umbrellas and beach showers.

Playa de Ajabo has black volcanic sand and a quiet atmosphere, different from the big resorts. You will find more locals than tourists at this beach. There is a restaurant nearby and a small shop, in case you want to grab lunch without walking too far away from the beach.

18. Playa de Abama

Playa de abama

Playa Abama is situated very close to Playa San Juan, on the grounds of the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton. In order to get to the beach you have to park in the public parking and then walk around 1 km to the beach. There is an elevator that takes you down to the beach and also a restaurant that belongs to the hotel. The prices for sun loungers and food are higher compared to other parts of Tenerife, but Playa Abama is really beautiful and secluded and it’s worth the trip.

19. Playa de San Juan

Playa de san juan

Playa San Juan is a bit rocky and with black sand, but it has all the facilities you need for a great day out. The beach is popular among the Spanish residents, so you will not find as many tourists here as in other places. The entire area is very peaceful and quiet, as there are no hotels or clubs in the entire town. This is a nice place to stay in Tenerife if you prefer a self catering holiday.

20. Playa Mendez

Playa mendez

This is a small urban beach near the town of Alcala. Playa Mendez is usually empty, due to the lack of facilities and the pebbly shore. If you are in the area it is better to go spend time at the nearby Playa Alcala.

21. Playa de Alcala

Playa de alcala

Alcala beach is located in the small village  with the same name, part of the Guia de Isora municipality.

This beach is fairly small in size, with dark volcanic sand and pebbles. You will find the usual facilities, like showers, waste bind and nearby places for lunch. There is also a small promenade that offers beautiful views of the sunset.

The local restaurants serve mostly dishes made from fresh fish, so it’s a great place to try something new.

22. La Jaquita beach in Alcala

La jaquita beach in alcala

With the title of newest beach in Alcala, Playa La Jaquita is the largest in the area and has more amenities compared to other nearby beaches. Here you will find lifeguards on duty, showers on the beach, toilets and an area for kids. The sand is black but the view is lovely and the beach is on the larger side, at 700 m in length, so you will have all the space you need for beach sports or just lounging in the sun.

23. Playa Punta Blanca

Playa punta blanca

Located in the municipality of Guia de Isora, Playa Punta Blanca is quite remote and isolated, although you can get to it by car or by walking. This beach is ideal for surfing and watersports and there are even surfing competitions going on several times during the year.

24. Playa de La Arena

Playa de la arena
source: flickr

One of the most well known beaches in Tenerife, Playa de la Arena has been awarded the Blue Flag distinction since 1989 continuously. The place is popular among tourists and residents also, due to its natural beauty, great facilities and beautiful dark sand, different in shade and texture from other places. You should stop at Playa de la Arena if you are ever in the area, even if just for a quick walk around the village of Puerto de Santiago.

25. Playa Chica in Santiago del Teide  

Playa chica in santiago del teide

Playa Chica, or Puerto Santiago beach, is centrally located in Santiago del Teide, accessible from the promenade and close to the fishing docks. There are some tidal swimming pools nearby, that become accessible when the tide is low. Although as the name already suggests, Playa Chica is small, the place is surrounded by nice restaurants, so it deserves a stop if you’re ever in town.

26. Los Gigantes Beach in Los Gigantes

Los gigantes beach in los gigantes

The main feature of this beach are of course the giant cliffs that rise from the ocean to heights over 500 m. Playa Los Gigantes has black sand mixed with small pebbles and the water is calm, although sometimes the currents can be dangerous for swimming. The views of the cliffs are the main attraction here and it’s certainly a MUST SEE place in Tenerife south.

27. Playa Barranco Seco

Playa barranco seco

Situated at the feet of the cliffs of Los Gigantes, this remote beach is accessible only by boat or by hiking on a trail that starts from the TF-436 road, from Santiago del Teide to Masca. Due to its position it is really secluded, so it’s safe to say that if you make it there, you will be the only ones there.

28. Playa De Masca

Playa de masca

Another remote beach, where you can get either by boat or by hiking through the canyon, starting from the village of Masca. This is probably the most famous village in Tenerife, with a spectacular location and from here you can start the 2 hours hike to the beach. The hike is not easy, so be prepared with adequate shoes and water and snacks. From Masca beach you can return by hiking back up to the village, or you can take the boat back to Los Gigantes, if you book with one of the tour companies previously.

29. Playa Punta De Teno

Playa punta de teno

This beach is situated in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte and it’s very popular with tourists and residents due to its clean and clear waters and also the natural settings. There are no buildings around, no hotels and no restaurants, just a wild beach, easily accessible by car. It is ideal for swimming.

30. Las Arenas Beach in Buenavista del Norte

Las arenas beach in buenavista del norte

This beach is very popular during summer, because of its location on the road towards Punta de Teno. From this part of the coast you can admire spectacular sunsets, so you can enjoy a lovely walk on the promenade during the evenings. Although isolated, Playa de Las Arenas is easily accessible by car or on foot and it’s close to the Buenavista Golf Club.

31. Playa de Los Barqueros

Playa de los barqueros

A small beach, just 80 m long and 10 m wide. There are no services here, but there is a parking at 100 m distance from the beach, near the small chapel.

Playa de los Barqueros is known for its strong waves and not many people come here. There is no sand, just rocks.

32. Agua Dulce Beach

Playa agua dulce

Located in the municipality of Los Silos, this beach is popular among surfers. There are no facilities at this beach, so you should bring your own towel, snacks and water. Be careful with the waves, since there are no lifeguards.

Playa Agua Dulce is not crowded, although you can get to it by car or by foot (easy walk). It is made mostly of small pebbles and volcanic sand, so it’s not the most comfortable beach to sit, but it is situated in a valley full of banana trees, so it’s got an interesting location.

33. La Caleta de Interian Beach in La Caleta

La caleta de interian beach in la caleta

Located in the town of La Caleta, near Garachico, this is an urban beach with black volcanic sand and pebbles. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas and no lifeguards, which means this beach is not as crowded as the ones in the south of Tenerife. You can get here easily by car or on foot and you can even find public parking spaces near the beach.

34. Playa El Muelle, Garachico

Playa el muelle garachico

Also known as Playa de Garachico, this tiny beach is located near the harbour and it is protected by the docks, so it’s very popular among locals and children for swimming. Although it is very small at just 60 m long, El Muelle beach has its own lifeguard, so it is really safe to swim here.

35. Las Aguas Beach in Garachico

Las aguas beach in garachico

This is another beach in Garachico, located just at the entrance in town. It is less popular the Playa de Garachico, but it is ideal for a relaxing and quiet day. The city center is just a few minutes away by car, so it is easy to go into town if you want to have lunch or just to explore the beautiful streets of Garachico.

36. Playa San Marcos in San Marcos

Playa san marcos in san marcos

The small fishing village of San Marcos is located between Garachico and Icod de los Vinos, so it is often overlooked by the tourists that come to this side of the island. This is the reason why the beach is usually quiet and empty, especially in the winter months. During summer Playa San Marcos attracts more crowds and you can explore further from the beach, since the place is surrounded by traditional restaurants, that serve good Spanish food at reasonable prices.

37. Las Aguas Beach in San Juan de la Rambla

Las aguas beach in san juan de la rambla
source: flickr

Very close Puerto de la Cruz, in the small town of San Juan de la Rambla, you will find this unusual beach, with large rock formations coming out of the ocean during the low tide. It’s an urban beach, a little over 100 m long, with a few bars and restaurants nearby. Playa Las Aguas is known for the strong waves and currents, so it is considered dangerous for swimming.

38. Playa del Socorro in Los Realejos

Playa del socorro in los realejos
source: flickr

Playa del Socorro is situated in the north west coast of Tenerife and it’s a popular spot for surfers around the island. You can leave the car in the public parking and access the beach using the ramp, which is useful for families with children and people in wheelchairs. The waves are usually strong, which means you have to be extremely careful when going into the water for swimming. Surfers love Playa del Socorro and also the beach bar is very popular among visitors.

39. Playa Los Roques, Los Realejos

Playa los roques los realejos
source: flickr

Yet another beach in Los Realejos, situated at the end of a hiking trail names Sendero del Agua, which starts in the vicinity of Puerto de la Cruz. The landscape is unique and beautiful, but the currents are strong, so visitors should be careful while entering the ocean for a swim.

40. Playa Jardin, Puerto de la Cruz

Playa jardin puerto de la cruz
source: flickr

This beautiful beach, situated right in the town of Puerto de la Cruz, was designed by Cesar Manrique and it’s one of the most popular beaches in Tenerife. Playa Jardin translates to Garden Beach and it gets its name from the many flowers, plants and palm trees that surround this beach, transforming it into a sort of exotic garden. You will see even a waterfall that drops over the volcanic rocks near the beach.

Playa Jardin was awarded with the Blue Flag distinction and it has all the facilities you can think of. It it the most beautiful beach in Puerto de la Cruz and the reason why many tourists love the town so much. You will find many restaurants nearby and also the famous Loro Park, the most popular animal park and ZOO in Tenerife.

41. Playa del Muelle, Puerto de la Cruz

Playa el muelle

A small beach, situated in the marina of Puerto de la Cruz. It is surrounded by hotels and restaurants, but there are no facilities, due to the size of the beach: just 30 m long and 30 m wide. It consists of black sand and not many tourists choose to spend their day here, because of the many beautiful beaches situated in the proximity.

42. Playa San Telmo, Puerto de la Cruz

Playa san telmo puerto de la cruz

Another small beach in Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of the resort. However, Playa San Telmo is really popular because of the natural pools, that offer ideal conditions for swimming. The beach is made up of black volcanic sand and pebbles it is decorated as a Blue Flag beach, due to the beautiful landscape and good conditions for swimming.

43. Playa de Martianez, Puerto de la Cruz

Playa de martianez puerto de la cruz

Playa Martianez is an urban beach in Puerto de la Cruz, close to Playa Jardin, but not as beautiful or popular among tourists. It is preferred by surfers and there are no facilities like sun loungers or showers. If you want a more quiet place in Puerto de la Cruz, then this may be a good choice.

44. Playa Bollulo, El Rincon

Playa bollullo el rincon
source: flickr

Playa El Bollullo is located in the north of Tenerife, close to the resort of Puerto de la Cruz. You have to walk part of the way to the beach, but the hike is worth it because Playa Bollullo is really special and beautiful, a secluded part of the island well loved by photographers. You can get here directly from Puerto de la Cruz, following a 45 minutes walk along the coastline.

45. Playa de Los Patos, El Rincon

Playa de los patos el rincon

Playa Los Patos is located in the area called El Rincon, similar to beach Playa Ancon, from which it is separated only by a protuberance that enters the ocean and divides the two beaches. This is a popular nudist beach in Tenerife in the area around Puerto de la Cruz. Playa los Patos is also known under the name of Martinez Alonso beach.

46. Playa El Ancon, El Rincon

Playa ancon el rincon

Similar to Playa El Bollulo and Playa Los Patos, Ancon beach is situated in the area called El Rincon. It’s not easy to get here, but if you’re looking for a secluded place just for you, then this might be what you want. Playa El Ancon is usually empty, so you will not find any amenities, just a beautiful landscape surrounded only by the sound of the ocean.

47. Playa La Arena, Tacoronte

Playa la arena tacoronte

Just above Puerto de la Cruz you will find the small village of Mesa del Mar and Playa La Arena, or Playa Mesa del Mar like some locals call it. However you wish to name it, this beach is lovely, with calm waters, ideal and safe for swimming. The coast of Tacoronte is beautiful and a nice place to explore, further from the mass tourism in Tenerife.

48. Playa El Pris, Tacoronte

Another beach in the Tacoronte area, this time in the quiet village of El Pris, just like the name of the beach. The sand is dark and mixed with pebbles and the waves are usually strong all year round, so take extra precautions while swimming, because there are no lifeguards on site. You will find many nice restaurants around Playa El Pris, which serve mostly fresh fish caught on the island.

49. Bajamar Beach, La Laguna

Bajamar beach la laguna

The Bajamar natural pools have to be one of the most popular spots for bathing and swimming in Tenerife. This place is famous for the amazing natural pools, where the waves come crushing, especially during the September tides, when large waves form around the Canary Islands. Playa Bajamar offers a unique experience, with all the facilities you need and lifeguards always on site, for everyone’s safety.

50. El Roquete Beach, Punta del Hidalgo

El roquete beach punta del hidalgo

An urban beach in Punta del Hidalgo, easily accessible and with many restaurants and bars in the vicinity. It’s not a crowded place, so it’s good if you want to run away from the noise and crowds and explore more of the quiet side of Tenerife. There are no lifeguards on site and no facilities.

51. Playa del Arenisco, Punta del Hidalgo

Playa del arenisco punta del hidalgo

This is a wonderful place for swimming in Punta del Hidalgo, because of the natural pool that is formed right next to Playa del Arenisco. This beach has black sand mixed with pebbles and is supervised by lifeguards and many locals come here to enjoy a great day in the sun. Swimming in the natural pools in Punta del Hidalgo is definitely a wonderful experience as you will get to see the big waves that crash into the rocks.

The beach is less than 100 m long, but when you get tired of toasting in the sun, you can explore more of the town and the loca restaurants, which are specialised in seafood.

The beaches inside Anaga Rural Park - Taganana Beaches

52. Playa de Almaciga

Playa de almaciga
source: flickr

Part of the Anaga beaches, Playa Almaciga is yet another wild beach, with dark black sand, where you can easily get by car. You can park on the side of the road along and just get down on the beach. Since it’s a wild beach it means there are no lifeguards and no amenities, but the landscape compensates for all that’s missing. Just be careful if you try to go into the water, since the waves and currents are usually strong.

53. Playa Roque de las Bodegas

Playa roque de las bodegas

Located in the north of Tenerife, in the Rural Park of Anaga, this is part of the Taganana set of beaches as some people call them. Although the currents are strong in these parts and swimming is considered dangerous, the beach of Roque de las Bodegas is spectacular, with amazing views of the Atlantic ocean. The black sand combined with the large rocks make this beach truly amazing, a MUST SEE in Tenerife for a different experience.

The north is very different from the south of Tenerife and this is seen in the type of beaches also. Although not appropriate for swimming, one must see the beach of Playa Roque de las Bodegas to truly appreciate the spirit of Tenerife.

54. Playa Benijo

Playa benijo
source: flickr

Considered as one of the most spectacular beaches in Tenerife, Playa Benijo is a place to explore and see in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the island. With its giant rocks scattered all along the coast and the fine dark sand, Benijo beach is the jewel in the crown of Tenerife north, a place to both admire and fear, due to the force of the ocean in these parts. The sunsets at Playa Benijo offer amazing views, so many photographers come here during the golden hour, to capture the beauty of this coast.

55. Playa de Roque Bermejo

Playa de roque bermejo

A remote beach, where few tourists come during the year. Situated in the Anaga Rural park, this beach has black fine sand and moderate waves. It is close to Playa del Muelle, another remote and virgin beach and also close to Faro de Anaga and the small village of Roque Bermejo.

Beaches in the North of Tenerife

56. Playa de Antequera

Playa de antequera

Situated on the north coast of Tenerife, Playa de Antequera may be one of the most remote beaches on the island. There are two ways to access this beach: on foot, following a challenging trail or by water.

The trail to the beach is somewhat difficult and you need to know the coastline well and also to have a good physical condition. We do not recommend you to make the hike to Antequera beach if you don’t have any previous experience, adequate equipment and if you don’t know the area well.

The easier way to get to Playa de Antequera is by water, joining one of the boat trips available in Santa Cruz de Tenerife or San Andres.

The beach has grey sand and is 400 m long and 35 m wide. Few tourists ever get to see this side of the island, so it’s a great place to get away from the crowds.

57. Playa de Zapata

Playa de zapata
source: flickr

Playa de Zapata is located right besides Playa de Antequera, which means it is also hard to get to. Again, the easiest way to get to Zapata beach is by boat excursion from the capital or San Andres.

There is also a great article explaining how to hike there, but as you can see it is difficult and you have to be in great shape.

58. Playa de Igueste de San Andres

Playa de igueste de san andres

This beachs is located in the small village with the same name: Igueste de San Andres. You can reach the village by following the road from Santa Cruz de Tenerife towards Las Gaviotas and then continue on the same road until you reach your destination.

Playa de Igueste de San Andres is good for surfing and other watersports.

59. Playa de Las Gaviotas

Playa de las gaviotas

Located in the town with the same name, Las Gaviotas beach is lovely and easy to get to by driving from the capital of Santa Cruz. You can reach the beach by car, but there are not many parking places available. During the winter months the beach is almost completely deserted, by during summer months the locals come here in the weekends for a swim away from the popular tourist places.

Best beaches in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Las Teresitas, La Nea, Radazul

60. Las Teresitas Beach, San Andres

Las teresitas beach san andres

Situated up in the north, in the small village of San Andres, Playa de las Teresitas is one of the most popular and spectacular beaches in Tenerife. Because it is so close to the capital, it is definitely considered as the best beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The fine golden sand was brought here from Africa and many consider it to be the nicest beach in Tenerife. You will definitely see it in many photographs and many postcards, because it has an exotic look, different from all other beaches on the island. Las Teresitas beach offers all the amenities you need, from sun loungers and umbrellas to lifeguards on site. The city council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has announced that they plan on upgrading the area, by building a grand park right next to the beach.

61. Playa de La Nea, Radazul

Playa de la nea radazul

Located in Radazul, a small resort close to Santa Cruz, this beach is somewhat popular among both tourists and locals. We say somewhat popular because there aren’t as many people here compared to the beaches in the south, but during summer months many residents from the capital choose Playa de la Nea for a day at the beach. You will have all you need close by, from restaurants to a playground for kids.

62. Playa Radazul, Radazul

Playa radazul sm

This is the beach situated right in the heart of Radazul, also known as Litoral del Rosario.
Here you will find lifeguards watching over the beach activities and lots of parking spaces. From the beach of Radazul you can admire the lovely views over the Valley of Guimar.

63. Playa Las Caletillas

Playa las caletillas

Playa Las Caletillas translates to “the little coves” and it’s located in the village with the same name. This beach is actually comprised of a few small coves, with good conditions for swimming and sunbathing, although no facilities can be found on site.

64. Playa La Arenita

Located in the municipality of Candelaria, Playa La Arenita is connected to the nearby beaches of Las Arenas and Puntalarga, so if you are ever in the area you may not even realise when you go from one beach to the other. La Arenita Beach is more protected than the other two beaches, so it’s probably the best place to stay in that area.

65. Playa Las Arenas

Playa las arenas

This beach is also located in the municipality of Candelaria and it consists of rocks and pebbles, with portions of black volcanic sand. With moderate waves all year long, it is not as safe for swimming as Playa La Arenita.

66. Playa Puntalarga

Playa puntalarga

Out of the three beaches in this area, Playa Puntalarga is probably the most popular, name wise at least. You can spend time on the beach or you can take a walk on the promenade that takes you up to Candelaria, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views of the coast.

67. Playa de La Hornilla

Playa de la hornilla

This is a small beach close to Candelaria, with an access ramp for wheelchairs. It has good conditions for swimming. Characterised by rocks and small pebbles, this beach actually looks nicer during low tide, when the ocean retracts and uncovers a portion of black sand.

68. Playa de Olegario

Playa de olegario

This beach is located right next to Playa de La Hornilla and it has no facilities, although it is an urban beach. It is a small beach, less than 100 m long, with pebbles and rocks. Close by you will see the marina called La Galera (Puerto deportivo La Galera).

69. Playa El Pozo

Playa el pozo

Located next to Olegario beach, Playa El Pozo is very small,just 50 m long and 17 m wide. You can easily get here by car and since the water is calm and clear, with good conditions for swimming, it is popular among locals, especially during the summer months.

70. Playa del Alcalde

Playa del alcalde
source: flickr

Also known as Playa de la Noria, this beach is 30 m long and 20 m wide, with a mix of pebbles in the superior part and dark sand on the waterfront. The ocean here is calm good for swimming, so the beach gets busy often.

71. Playa de Candelaria

Playa de candelaria
source: flickr

The urban beach in Candelaris is extremely long and formed by grey sand mixed with pebbles, which doesn’t make it very attractive for sunbathing. There are no facilities here, but it still gets busy sometimes, because it is easily accessible from town and close to the bars and restaurants in Candelaria.

72. Playa de Samarines

Playa de samarines
source: flickr

A small and remote beach, located south from Candelaria. It is not accessible by car and you have to go through Samarines Canyon (Barranco de Samarines) in order to get to this small black sand beach. If you do get there, you will probably be alone, so it’s good for nudists or for people looking for some privacy. Bring your own food, as you will not find any shops or restaurants close by.

73. Playa de La Lima

Playa de la lima

Located in the small town of La Viuda, this is a tiny tiny beach, in the industrial side of town. There are no visitors here usually and the sea in rough, so there’s actually no point in coming here when you have so many other beautiful beaches in Tenerife.

74. Playa de La Viuda

Playa de la viuda

Located in the town with the same name, the waves can get pretty strong at this beach, so it’s not a good place for swimming or coming with kids. Playa de la Viuda is located right next to the industrial polygon, in a not so pretty area, so it’s not very popular among tourists. During the summer local people come here, but since there are no facilities or anything else nearby, it never gets crowded.

75. Playa de Chimisay and Playa del Socorro, Guimar

Playa de chimisay and playa del socorro guimar
source: flickr

Situated in the village of El Soccoro, in the municipality of Guimar, these two beaches are interconnected, having similar characteristics: dark sand and moderate waves, with no lifeguards on site or other facilities. The beaches of Chimisay and Soccoro are often empty (do not confuse this beach, with the one in Los Realejos, also called Playa El Socorro, which is more popular than this one).

76. Playa del Puertito de Guimar

Playa del puertito de guimar

This is a small and quiet beach, in the town of Puertito de Guimar, also known as El Puertito. A promenade passes along this beach, so it’s a nice place to walk. If you want to go in for a swim, the water is usually calm and safe. At this beach you are allowed access with pets.

77. Playa El Abrigo, Fasnia

Playa el abrigo fasnia
source: flickr

This beach is situated in Fasnia and is 230 m and 40 m wide. The sand is mixed with small pebbles and there are no facilities or lifeguards on site, so it rarely gets crowded. It is nice to spend time here if you are looking for a quiet place, away from other people.

78. Playa Las Eras, Las Eras

Playa las eras las eras

Situated in the village with the same name, Playa Las Eras is usually empty, as not many tourists make it to this place. Even during the summer months, all the visitors that come here are the locals in the village, who enjoy the black sand beach with good waters for swimming. There are no facilities at Las Eras beach and no lifeguards either.

79. El Poris Beach, El Poris

El poris beach el poris

A small beach, with a mix of sand, pebbles and shingle, away from the tourists and crowds. This beach is situated in the village of El Poris, close to the local bars and restaurants. You can explore some of the local cuisine, especially if you are interested in fresh fish dishes, as this used to be a traditional fishing village.

80. Playa Grande Beach, Arico

Playa grande beach arico

Playa Grande is considered to be the best beach in Arico and it’s also known as Playa Poris de Abona or Playa El Poris (not to be mistaken with the previous one, which is situated right in the village El Poris).

Unlike other beaches in the area, the sand at Playa Grande is light colored and fine, which makes it more popular among tourists and residents also. The best time to come to Playa El Poris is when the tide is low, so you can enjoy the full width of the beach and also admire it at its finest moment.  

81. Playa de Abades or Playa Los Abriguitos

Playa de abades or playa los abriguitos
source: flickr

Located in Abades, in the Arico municipality, this beach is ideal for swimming and its a good choice for families with kids, since the water is usually calm, without big waves or strong currents.Also known as Los Abriguitos beach, it is close to restaurants and bars, so you can enjoy a local cuisine without going far from the beach.  

82. Playa de Tajao, San Miguel de Tajao

Playa de tajao san miguel de tajao

Situated in the municipality of Arico, in the village of San Miguel de Tajao, this beach is divided between rocks on one part and dark brown sand on the part closer to the water. Tajao beach is not very popular, so you won’t find many tourists here, just locals from the village. San Miguel de Tajao is visited by tourists just for the many restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood, as the area is considered one of the best for eating local fresh fish in Tenerife.

83. Playa de La Caleta

Playa de la caleta
source: flickr

Located in the village of La Caleta, this beach is not very popular, so most of the times it will be empty, with no people around. There are no facilities and the large rocks make it difficult to spend a day lounging in the sun.

84. Playa Las Maretas

Playa las maretas

Also known as Playa del Rio, this beach is situated in the municipality of Arico and it is a fairly popular beach. Although it has no amenities and the access is through a paves road, this pebbly beach has clear and clean waters, good for bathing.

85. Playa Montana Pelada

Playa montana pelada
source: flickr

This is a wonderful beach, remote, kind of isolated and popular among naturists. You can’t park right by the beach, but you can park nearby and then take a few minutes walk down to the beach. Playa Montana Pelada consists of fine dark sand and it is situated in a beautiful natural space, very different from the usual urban beaches in Tenerife. Since this is actually a small bay, the beach is protected and the water is usually calm, without big waves.

86. Playa La Jaquita

Playa la jaquita

La Jaquita beach is situated in Granadilla de Abona and should not be mistaken with the other beach with the same name, located in Alcala. Playa La Jaquita has been awarded the Blue Flag distinction and it offers good condition for sunbathing and swimming, due to its sheltered position. The sand is mixed between dark brown and gold, which gives it a somewhat unusual look.

There are no lifeguards or sunloungers for hire, but you will find beach showers and waste bins.  

87. Playa del Cabezo, El Medano

Playa del cabezo el medano

A great beach for surfing in the area of El Medano, considered by many as the best place in Tenerife for watersports such as surfing and kitesurfing. Many sports competitions have taken place here in the past, which is an indication of the good conditions this natural beach has to offer. If you’re into surf then here you will find anything you need, from classes for beginners to equipment rentals and specialized shops. Playa del Cabezo is a very open beach, so the wind is usually present. You will not find sunloungers, as this is not that kind of beach, but the sand is fine and light brown colored and you can comfortably sit on a towel and admire the skills of all the surfers around.

88. Playa Chica Beach, El Medano

Playa chica beach el medano

This is a small beach, with fine sand, close to El Medano. You have a restaurant right on the beach and you could also walk in town if you want to sample more of the fresh local fish. It is easy to get to Playa Chica on foot, just walking on the promenade between the town and the beach.

89. El Medano Beach

El medano beach

Playa El Medano is situated in the town with the same name, very close to the Tenerife south airport. It is one of the largest natural beaches in Tenerife, and just like Playa La Tejita, from this place you can enjoy beautiful views of Montana Roja. El Medano beach is a popular destination among surfers, so if you are into watersports, this is a great place to stay in Tenerife.

90. Playa Leocadio Machado

Playa leocadio machado

Situated between Playa La Tejita and El Medano Beach, Playa Leocadio Machado is popular among surfers, due to the constant winds and waves in this part of the coast. Some people consider this to be the same with El Medano beach, as they are in the same area. Just guide yourself after the Surf Center, where you will find equipment for rent and also instructors if you are a beginner and you wish to learn.

91. Montana Roja Beach

Montana roja beach

Another beach in the area of El Medano, close to Montana Roja, hence the name. This is a more secluded place and a popular beach for nudists in Tenerife. With no buildings in sight, this beach is as remote and wild as it gets in this side of the island. Watersport lovers also come here sometimes, because of the good winds all year round.

92. La Tejita Beach

La tejita beach
source: flickr

Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, Playa La Tejita is situated inside a protected space, with beautiful views of Montana Roja. Part of this beach is used by naturists and on the other side you will find sun loungers and umbrellas, plus some kiosks. We recommend you to visit La Tejita beach, even if you don’t spend a full day here. We like this beach so much, it even made it to our list of top beaches in the Canary Islands.  

93. Playa El Confital Beach

Playa el confital beach

The main thing about this beach is that you can bring you pet with you, since this is one of the few beaches in Tenerife where pets are allowed on the sand and in the water. You will also find that it’s a popular place for surfers, as it has good winds and constant waves.

94. Cha Siveria Beach

Cha siveria beach

A relatively small and secluded beach, frequented by nudists in Tenerife. It is a very quiet place, with no facilities and with golden sand. Be careful when going into the ocean, because there are moderate waves constantly and there is no lifeguard post nearby.

95. San Blas Beach

San blas beach

This beach is located in San Miguel de Abona and it consists of rocks and pebbles, so its not very comfortable and popular for sunbathing. Nearby you will find a golf course. This area is still under development but there are several residential building close by, where you could find holiday rentals if you are interested in a quiet zone.

96. Playa Colmenares

Playa colmenares

This beach consists only of rocks, so it’s usually deserted and with no one around. It is 230 m long and 35 m wide. Obviously, there are no facilities and no restaurants or bars nearby.

97. Playa Amarilla

Playa amarilla
source: flickr

The area where this beautiful beach is located was declared a National Monument and it is now protected. The landscape is very different and it is a nice places to visit if you don’t want to spend you entire day at the beach. Best time to come is when there is a low tide, so you can explore the entire beach and admire the unusual yellow rock wall. There are no facilities at this beach and this means no restaurants either, but the village of Costa del Silencio is just a few steps away and you can get there even by walking. At Playa Amarilla you can take a swim in the clear and calm waters and then admire the beauty of the Montana Amarilla volcano, a different sight in Tenerife. For a similar experience you can head up the coast to Montana Roja and the beaches around it.

98. Playa Las Galletas

Playa las galletas
source: flickr

Las Galletas beach is located in the fishing village with the same name, between Los Cristianos and the Reina Sofia airport. Since the village has a tradition in fishing, this is a good place to come and enjoy a lunch with fresh caught fish, after you’ve lounged in the sun for a few hours. At Las Galletas beach you will find all the typical facilities for an urban beach and also lifeguards on site.  

99. Playa de Palm-Mar

Playa de palm mar
source: flickr

This beach is situated in the small town of Palm Mar, very close to Los Cristianos. Playa Palm-Mar is frequented by nudists and in the past years it has become very popular in the gay community. This beach has no facilities and it’s usually empty. There’s no shops or restaurants nearby, so it would be good to bring something to eat if you plan to spend the day here.

100. Playa Los Callados, Los Cristianos

Playa los callados los cristianos

This is a small beach in Los Cristianos, situated at the end of town opposite of Las Americas. Playa Los Callados is preferred by nudists, who come here for the privacy this place offers. There are no facilities and the beach is made up by rocks. There is a small bar right on the beach, called Callao Beach Club, which is the reason why many people know this beach under the name of Playa Callao.

101.Playa El Cabezo Grande

Playa el cabezo grande

Playa El Cabezo Grande is located close to Playa del Camison and it’s preferred by surfers. You will not find any facilities at this beach, but you can still walk along the coastline and admire the waves crashing and the surfers rides those waves.

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